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One of Those Days

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It was just one of those days. I had found it hard to concentrate all day, and although I would not say I was 'soaked' down below, I was certainly more moist than usual. I tried very hard to get through the working day without making too many mistakes, but it was not that easy. (I had better explain, I am a flying instructor.) This particular day, I was training 'newbies' in single engine aircraft. These little things vibrate a lot and I must admit, I have never really lost that excitement about take off. There is something thrusting and sexual about it.

The last student of the afternoon was a young girl of 18. She is a highly talented, natural pilot and will go through her flight tests with ease, I am sure. We were practising steep turns which pull a few 'g' and sometimes make me wish I had visited the bathroom before the flight. As we made our sixth turn, I felt a pressure in my bladder which, owing to my enhanced state of arousal made me feel more horny. Now, Lisa was wearing a very short skirt and as she climbed into the aircraft, (standing on the wing and getting into the hatch on a PA28) I had a good look up her skirt. She was wearing a delightful pink thong which gave me a good view of her ass and even the delicate swelling of her pussy lips.

So we landed and Lisa headed off for the ground school. I went out onto the airfield and took a walk around the perimeter. Now this is an old airfield. The oldest in the UK, in fact, and dotted around it are WW2 bunkers, some of which can be entered. I walked into one at the far end of the field. It smelt, of course, of sex. Most of the local kids use these places to get their first taste of sex and they also smell of pee a little too. I undid my trousers and slipped my hand into my panties. I was, by now, very wet. I had the idea I wanted to do something daring and so I slipped my trousers off and just stood there in my little white cotton panties and masturbated. I thought about Lisa and how her pussy would taste. I wondered if she too found the steep turns exciting and if she masturbated before her ground school. I thought about her sitting on the toilet in the flying school with that pretty little thong half way down her legs with a moist patch in the crotch. I wondered if she was a 'clit girl' or if she needed something inside her when she does herself. I knew she was shaved, or at any rate, mostly, from what I had seen earlier. Then I felt my orgasm approaching and decided to edge a little first. I thought about Lisa and her boyfriend. What it must be like to lick her out and finger her. I just got the image into my head of her on her back with her boyfriend buried deep in her, her legs wide and clasped around his back when a delicious orgasm swept over me. This was not sudden or savage. In fact it seemed to swell up slowly and it just kept on giving! Wave after wave after wave.

Then, I had one of my naughty ideas. I get like this sometimes. I thought about Lisa in there with me, in this smelly, dank little pillbox. Other than licking her out, which would, I am sure, be devine, I thought about what I would like her to watch me do. I started to speak to her as if she was there. 'Lisa, there is something I want you to watch me do. Please, I want you to watch me pee.' I squatted down (still with my panties on) and started to let it go very slowly. I have enjoyed doing this from time to time mainly because, well, I don't know, it feels naughty. Does that make sense? So I let it go very very slowly almost so slowly it hurt. Then I pulled the wet material to one side and masturbated again. This time I imagined Lisa standing over me and peeing on my face, my uniform and my hair. I imagined the feeling, her scent and just as the orgasm started I thought about licking her out and tasting not only her pussy, but her boyfriends sperm in her. THAT orgasm was violent, harsh, even. (And yes, I admit I am masturbating now as I write this). Of course, I could not wear my wet panties back to the flight school, so I tossed them into the corner of the bunker along with a couple of other pairs of panties discarded there recently and a pair of old tights. I slipped my uniform pants back on and walked back. When I got back to the school, I saw Lisa who looked very flushed across her upper chest and neck. Her eyes were wide too and in that moment, I knew she had done herself too.

By the way, it is not at all uncommon for flying students to experience some kind of sexual thrill when they handle an aircraft for the first time. Female students seem to want to talk about it sometimes and I have had more than one tell me that after their first solo, they have had to go and 'take care' of themselves. A girl I taught eighteen months ago did her first solo, taxied in and said 'I feel SOOOOO horny'. I asked her if she needed some time alone before we carried on and she said 'Actually, I would like you to watch' Ok, we did a little more than me just watch her, and I suppose it was not a good instructor/student thing to do, but as I say, it is not unusual. The guys too, seem to get an initial sexual thrill. It isn't unusual to see a hard on pressing up against trousers.

I finish my period as an instructor next week and join a major airline as a first officer. I guess most of the people I will fly with have gotten over that sexual thrill thing which is a pity in a way. Still, I have a longish conversion onto type which the company are doing in Australia, so that will be pretty neat.

Ok, well, I have to finish myself now before work. Ho hum.



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