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One of My Fantasies

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My fantasies-those images or scenarios I use when I masturbate range from the romantic to the 'ugly'. This is one fantasy that just popped into my mind one night when I was 14..it is a FANTASY.


I come home from school feeling aroused. I decide to go to the only room in the house where I am guaranteed some privacy, the bathroom. Once there I lock the door.

For a few moments I stand there, hot, sweaty, horny. I dump my bag on the floor, then my blazer. Then I lay on the floor. I lift my skirt up to my waist and spread my legs. I start to touch myself over my panties.


I let the sounds into my mind first. The sounds from my brother's room. Where he was with his girlfriend last night. The little moans, sighs, and the rhythm. Nothing so obvious as sqeaking bedsprings, but somehow, I knew he was shagging her. (How I love that word.... shagging). I imagined her on her back on the floor or perhaps on all fours with Chris behind her pumping into her. I let myself thing about her pushing back on him... hard... to force him all the way in her. Then I imagine, quite simply, that she is ME!

Chris is in the room with me and I pull my panties to one side. He kneels between my legs and I feel him rummaging around with his zipper. Then I feel his cock against my pussy. I can smell HER on him. Then he slowly pushes it inside me. I spread my legs wider for him and rub my clit.

In my fantasy, I imagine him screwing my brains out on the bathroom floor, while, in reality, I have pushed a hairbrush handle inside me while I rub my clit. At the moment I feel him cum inside me, I cum in reality. (I tried to push it in my ass once but it hurt too much to be sexy)

I used to imagine Claire's pussy as he pulled out of her with his sperm running from it and thinking it was running out of me. At that point I would usually cum.

I used this fantasy a lot in my teenage years, sometimes I use it now.

My brother and I never did anything sexual at all, and I never wanted to, but in fantasy, the 'badness' of it was and is great.

When I was 14, I also used to do something that sounds and probably is unusual. Sometimes, particularly if I had been very wet that day I would pee in my panties on purpose. I started off doing it on the toilet, but as I got used to the lovely feelings it gave me, sometimes I would do it in the garden, or even on the walk home from school. I live in the country and there are a lot of places I can go. I loved the feeling of squatting with my skirt up and at first, inhaling my musky scent before doing the 'naughty' thing in my panties. Then I would walk home with my soaked panties and maybe a little pee running down my legs. As soon as I got home, I would masturbate in the shower.



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