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One Long Hot Summer Day

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The girl is 'Jessica'


There are two things about me that a relatively common, at least nowadays, not so much when I was younger.

1. I have a big penis. Ok so everyone says that. Mine is more long than it is proportionate with girth, so it looks a bit like a skinny sausage but regardless, it is rather sizeable. Also my testicles aren't that big either so the overall package looks kinda odd I guess but it works all the same like everyone else's. If anything the 'extra' length is probably more of a bother than a gift.

Needless to say it is far from average size, someone told me that even i'd make Ron Jeremy blush, though I'd think his would be more proportionate than mine.

2. I have an insatiable glove obsession. When I was younger I never sucked my thumb or had dummy or had a security blanket. For some odd reason I went for gloves. Didn't really matter what, just as long as it was one. When I got older, I'd quite often play with gloves, collecting them up. I'd often go into the granny flat at the back of the yard and soon it became my own thing. My parents are pretty open and instead of telling me not to, they encouraged it. My father would buy me all sorts of working gloves, like leather rigger gloves, yard gloves, heavy duty gloves, welder gloves, you name it. Of course thinking back on it now, I wonder how he managed to do it without raising too much suspicion.

My mother would often do the same for me, rubber gloves, leather gloves of fashionable kind, other fashionable type gloves, formal gloves, sport gloves (like BMX/MX, baseball/softball and so on), snow gloves, I can go on and on.

I was rather spoilt in terms of that but outside of that I was pretty normal, though I only ever kept the glove thing to myself when I was younger and so did my parents.

When I was 16, a family across the road moved in and in the family there was a girl that was a year older than me. The kids of the neighbourhood we would all often hang out together and most of us rode our bmx/mountain bikes in the area, as it was a quiet street and one end of the road connected to another road that was yet to have roadbase on it though it was like that for years before they finally did it. so the only cars that came was the ones in that lived in the street.

One day we were all riding our bikes in the area and went to the parkway that was in the area, it was fairly warm so we all took water bottles on our bikes or in backpacks.

At this point the girl that moved in recently, had been there for a couple months now and we were all familiar with each other.

She was pretty attractive, light blonde hair, cute face, tanned-ish skin and rather large breasts, larger than your average well developed 16 year old.

I had taken special interest in her as when riding her bike she would often wear BMX/MX gloves and usually had some pretty cool looking ones. Of course I always wore them, even before she came along.

At one point we stop in a shady area of the parkland which was near a shopping mall, as everything was relatively close by. After resting a while a few would go off and either head back or go over to the mall, about half went back home (as they had no money) and the rest went to the mall until it was me and her.

I can never really forget this. We were sitting on the soft grass, she was sitting cross legged, kinda leaning forward, she wasn't wearing a bra, she may have taken it off when we were resting, not sure, her breasts were mostly hanging freely underneath a loose tank top. She had black gloves with a white near tribal design on the top and white accents along the seams, her arms on her legs with her hands dangling off her knees as she was sitting cross legged. I don't know why but I started getting hard. This was the first time I really got aroused over a girl, at least that I knew and in the flesh.

I was half resting back on my arms, legs stretched out, though I moved into a cross legged position when I started getting aroused.

We were idle chattering every so often, was mostly quiet as everyone else had left.

'Nice gloves, though aren't they hot?' I said to her, pointing out the fact that they were black and it was a hot day.

She more or less said that they were pretty well ventilated plus they were new as well.

We got more talking and she asked me about my gloves, which were mostly white, though the palms a bit dirty from the handlebars.

The more we talked about gloves, the more I got aroused and the more my heart raced. I guess it was a combination of being attracted to her and the fact that we were talking about gloves.

It eventually came out that I was fairly obsessed with gloves. I was worried at first that she'd laugh or something but she was actually kinda cool about it, even a little interested.

General glove talk turned to me and my glove favourites and whatnot.

'Did you want to try mine?'

Still rings in my head.

I was a little shocked at first, then I thought she meant to just put them on but no, it was something else.

She didn't force me to, everything in me was saying yes!

We were in a quiet area, no one could really see us unless they came up to us, so I unzipped my shorts and pulled out my penis. The soft fabric of my own gloves almost set me off.

She had a look of surprise in her eyes, seeing the length but she never said anything about it.

She shuffled closer, breasts jiggling underneath her top, my penis twitched at the sight.

She then took her top off, why she did this I don't know but I wasn't complaining. Seeing those huge breasts just stunned me.

Her left hand was caressing/rubbing her left breast, she rolled my foreskin around between her thumb and index finger.

I felt like I was in heaven, seeing her play with her large breast, while wearing mx gloves and playing with my penis, It's the best thing I could have hoped for (at least that day).

She slowly made her way down, eventually moving up and down the shaft, back up to the foreskin for a bit and then back down again. After a bit she then stopped fondling her breast and put the other hand and started on my testicles, which was even better. sliding back to front with an open palm is all that was needed. I was on the edge but never tipped over it, regardless the new gloves were glorious and nice and soft.

Seeing her black gloved fingers work around my penis and her arms were squishing her breasts together was so good.

After she was finished (though I never came oddly enough), she took the gloves off and gave them to me as a 'gift'.

I managed to put myself back into my pants, she put her top back on.

We chatted a bit more then we went back home.

I made a beeline straight to my granny flat, stripped right off and put on her gloves to finish myself off. While I had masturbated many times before with many gloves, it was the best jerkoff I had ever.



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