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One Late Night

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The lease on the apartment that my old roommate and I shared was up at the end of July. For the month of August I moved back home with my parents until I got possession of the new lease for an apartment style condo. I moved into it just this past week . Sept 1st, as a matter of fact. I am still living out of boxes and am slowly unpacking and getting settled. By the end of the weekend I will be settled.

Yesterday was a very nice day, temperature wise and sunny. So I decided to pack my clothes for work and the gym in my knapsack and ride my bike. As the day wore on, the sun came out and the temperature rose to balmy +28 degrees, which is unusual for early September. After work I changed into my shorts and t-shirt, before going outside to my bike. I headed from work to the gym for my workout.

Now the rules state that there is to be no visual nudity outside the change rooms, but there are a few people, both guys and women, who don't seem to follow that rule or even care about it. They will walk from the change rooms down the hall to the saunas. There are two saunas; one is for women only and the other is for men only.

I just happened to turn down the hall from the main fitness room and was headed for the guy's change room. As I passed the door to the women's change room, out walks this very naked lady. She just smiled and said, 'Hi!' Then she walked off towards the sauna. Needless to say my dick went rock hard as I watched her walk down the hall.

Since I was riding home anyways, I just changed into the dry t-shirt and shorts I had worn riding to work that morning. I grabbed my pack and headed out. I stopped at the juice bar on my way out and bought a couple of drinks. I also chatted with the owner of the gym for a bit. Then I headed out, unlocked my bike and started the ride home.

By the time I got home, I was soaked in sweat and had ridden through a mucky puddle splashing dirty water all over my clothes. Some people just can't be bothered to swing over to pass a bicyclist! Anyways, I decided I would change and then do a load of laundry.

I gathered up my dirty stuff and headed for the common laundry room at the end of the floor. When I got there I could tell one of the machines was already taken, so I went over to the free washer. I lifted lid, as it was not being used, or so I thought. I looked inside and discovered a pair of women's underwear in the machine. I pulled them out and as I turned the water on I started to examine them. I shook them out and found it was a cute little g-string type thong. For whatever reason I found myself to be playing with my cock over my shorts and after a while I took it out and began jacking it slowly.

I lifted the thong up to my face and sniffed it. It smelt of fresh, still warm from wearing, pussy and butt sent. My cock grew even more in my hand and I was jerking it harder, picturing in my mind who the owner of thong was. I then took the thong and placed it over my cock, so that the little spot where her pussy was covered the tip of my cock. I then jacked off with them.

I came very quickly after that and by that time my washer was done. I scrunched up the thong and placed it on the small counter between the washers and dryers. as took my clothes out of the washer. I was putting them into the dryer when the other washer finished it's cycle.

Just after I started the dryer and headed for the door, in walked this cute young girl. She said, 'Hi!'

She then said 'You just moved in right? I'm Camille and I live in 206.'

I said hello back and told her that my name was Jay. I also told her I lived in 208 and had just moved in. We ended up chatting while she tossed her stuff from the dryer into her basket and the stuff from the washer into the dryer. We walked down the hall together and as we got to our units doors, she said, 'Hey, being new and all, if you are ever lonely or need anything, feel free to knock anytime.'

I said, 'Thanks, I'll remember that.' I then opened my door and went in. A little while later, I ran back to the laundry room and got my stuff from the dryer.

Late yesterday (Friday) afternoon, I was just getting off the elevator and ran into Camille with her roommate Sarah. She seemed grossed out or something, so I casually asked what was up. Sarah started to tell me, but Camille was still shocked and said, 'Oh nothing's up, but I discovered a pair of my undies not too long ago in the laundry room. From the stains and the smell in them, some guy used them to wank his cock in.'

I just said, 'God, I'm sorry to hear that. Some guys are sick when it comes to stuff like that,' and headed down to my suite.

As I did I heard both say, 'Awww, he's sweet, we should find out who did that and send him after them for you.'

I smiled back down the hall and said, 'Ah, anytime gals'. I then went into my condo and couldn't help but giggle a little, knowing that it was me who had done it.

That was the one time I have done something that naughty and is likely be the only time I ever do that. Unless I do it in my girlfriend's and leave them for her to find.

Wow, I've only been in the building for like three days now and already had some erotic fun. Camille, Sarah and I are good pals. We even hung out at a lounge not to far from home and had a few drinks. Best not tell her the truth and wreck our friendship. It would be hard living down the hall from each other if that happened.



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