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One in Each Hand

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I will always remember this warm September afternoon.


At 15 I got my drivers license and an old convertible to run around town in. It provided a lot of freedom and opportunity.

One day in early September we had an Indian summer day, warmer than normal and perfectly clear. After school I had gone home for the car and come back to the school yard to pick up a friend, John, for a quick ride to the lake. As it happened he came out of school at the same time as Sarah. She was a year younger but, as with girls at that age, developed and mature beyond our years. We had 'let' her sit between us at the movies once and had the early experience of rubbing the inside of her legs and touching her panties. She had not allowed anything more, but it had taught us that she had liked the experience. I had been amazed and intrigued at how warm her crotch felt. I also liked the tinge of smell it left on my finger from the wetness of her undies.

We left the school to ride her home and kidded about taking a few minutes to go by the lake to kind of practice what we had been doing at the movies. We had little time as she had to be home on about the schedule of the bus. At the lake there was a cottage that had a clear view for a couple of miles across the lake but also nearly a quarter mile to the main road. Knowing the owners had gone home for the winter it made a great place to take a leak without going home. I pulled into the yard and backed around to see the entrance road in case someone came along. We kind of turned toward her and suggested we really ought to help her out of her undies so we could see the real thing. John was more forward than me and he started to pull up her skirt. She held it down and said she would pull them off herself. Wow. I was spellbound as she wiggled out of her undies, looking at my first hairy snatch. It was lovely. She didn't have a thick bush and we could see the lips of her cunt below. We both placed our hands on the inner part of her upper thigh and proceeded to slowly cup her cunt one at a time. It was unusually warm and nearly sweaty and then John found a really strong smell in her inner lips. I ran my finger up her slit as she giggled and then smelled my finger and was intoxicated. It was rank and odorous and wonderful, all at once. Slowly I let my finger slide up inside her and moved it around feeling how well lubricated it was. When I pulled it out, he slid his in and Sarah was just enjoying the game and had edged down in the seat a little.

I was concerned someone would drive in so I kept my ears tuned to far away cars. At this point John said to her that she had beautiful breasts, too, and really ought to show them to us. She seemed to think this was a good idea and I could see she was really enjoying the time we were having. She wasn't bothered by this suggestion at all. Together we three unbuttoned her blouse with her caution not to break off the buttons. He slid his hand behind her blouse and undid the clasp. I never did learn how he knew how to do this. Suddenly I was looking at her tits, the first set of real knockers I had seen. They were lovely and looked huge to me, although I now know they weren't fully developed. They were so soft and sweet with the nipples perked up as we rubbed them alternatively with rubbing between her legs. She was beginning to breathe hard and pulled her legs apart for us to fully see what was there. She seemed to enjoy having us look at her without her clothes on.

While I had been jerking off alone for a couple of years, this was the very most exciting thing I had ever done. My cock was bursting with excitement and with her nearly naked beside me I thought it was natural to show her what I looked like, too. So I undid my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled out my cock to begin jerking off. She saw this and, as I started to jerk off, said wow, could she touch it. She had not seen one before today. She said it was really hard and slid her hand up and down the shaft mimicking the motion I had started. It felt wonderful to have her looking at it with her hand on it and at the same time it was perfectly natural. She asked where my balls were, so I slid the pants down further for her to see. She spun her fingers in my pubic hair and then slid them down around my balls. She said, 'I've got you by the balls' and I replied that she sure did and could really do some damage if she squeezed right now. I explained how sensitive balls are and need to be handled very gently. I was in heaven. At this point John saw what was happening and followed my lead. I had not seen him jerk off before, or anyone else for that matter. But he got into it quickly. She asked why his was bigger than mine. Although mine was average sized, based on the school gang shower test, it was not as large as his and I explained that cocks are very different male to male. As it happened we were both circumcised and average to larger sized, in his case. I have since learned that it isn't the size of the wand that matters but the magic inside that counts.

She was happy to have us all with our pants off and took one cock in each hand. She stroked each at the same time in a rhythm. It may not have happened again in her lifetime but for me it was a lifetime of great memories. She tired quickly because it wasn't a motion she was used to following. As nice as it felt it wasn't getting me to a climax, so I replaced her hand and showed her how to maintain the motion and speed it up. She was fascinated watching us jerk off. On mine the tip was glistening with pre-cum and she asked me to explain what it was. It got a little milky looking as I proceeded to near a climax. When I neared climax I opened the car door to step out and she turned to me and said she wanted to see my bottom, too. So, I turned away, pulled up my shirt to show it, bent over and spread my cheeks. She squealed with laughter at the sight of seeing my asshole to my balls. She said I never think of boys having assholes and I replied that I never think of them when I think about girls either as I only focus on their front anatomy. It was really fun. I turned back and with a couple of more strokes I exploded in one of the best orgasms of my life. There were ropes of creamy cum shooting into the air amid her yelps of glee. I just loved having her watch me do it, as I think most guys would. It seemed to go on for minutes, although I am sure it was quickly over in seconds. I wiped my hand on my undies and pulled up my pants. As I hopped into the car she turned to watch him shoot his sperm into the air, just as I had done. He got surprised by the car starting just as he was climaxing. I started to pull away as he finished and he had to jump into the car with his pants at his ankles. We were all laughing so hard.

The car was in motion with them with no pants on and her blouse and bra undone. They got dressed in a flash. I loved watching her grab her panties off the dashboard and pull them up. She was tying her sneakers as we pulled onto the road. We dropped her off near her long driveway and headed off. This provided me with lots to think about and many memories for the years to come. I still think about it when I jerk off.



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