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One Hot Summer (Part 2)

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This continues my adventures during one hot summer!


Just to remind you of what has happened up to this point. As a boy, the neighborhood boys and I would jack off together on a regular basis. Sadly, just as I was entering puberty we moved to a new town where the boys were not into mutual masturbation. Things were just as bad in college. Consequently, even though I knew I was gay, I went all through puberty and beyond without having a sexual relationship! I had never experienced the shear pleasure of a male/male orgasm. I was 22 when I graduated from a small mid-western college and took a job in a suburban Chicago hotel. It was here where I met Derrick, a hot 18-year-old, who took an instant liking to me. Derrick was the first guy that I masturbated with as an adult. After our first time (we just jacked off together, never touching one another) Derrick told me we could do more in the future if I wanted to! So now you are caught up and the future is now!

It had been an extremely hot summer, highs near 100 degrees and lows around 80, and it seemed as if the days just kept getting hotter. Derrick and I had been working the same shifts and were eagerly looking forward to our day off together. It was a long busy night and we did not finish work until about 2:00am! But we did not care because we had the next day off and we were full of post-work energy. He suggested we go to the beach and watch the sun rise. I agreed but said we should drive to the Michigan beaches because they were sandier and the water was cleaner than Chicago's water. So we went back to my apartment changed into our swimming suits (Derrick spent so much time at my place that he had several changes of clothes there), threw some beverages into the cooler, and loaded a backpack with snacks and suntan lotion. By 3:00am we were off to the beautiful beaches of Michigan to spend our day off together!

We arrived at the beach shortly after the sun had risen. We played on the dunes, swam, and lay on the beach to tan. By mid-afternoon our energy was gone and we were both very tired. We decided that driving back to Chicago would be dangerous, so we decided to get a motel room for the night since neither of us had to work until late the next day. Well, finding a vacant motel room in that part of Michigan in the middle of tourist season was almost impossible!! Finally, after trying several different places, we found a place that had one room left. The only problem was the room only had one double bed in it! I looked at Derrick and he was looking back at me with a devilish grin on his face! I turned to the innkeeper and said that because we were so tired we would take the room and make it work. We parked the car, grabbed the cooler and backpack, and went into our cozy air-conditioned room.

Once in the room, I told Derrick that I needed a shower to get the sweat and sand off me before I got into bed. He agreed and said he wanted to shower with me. Needless to say my dick started to get stiff as I thought about showering with this hot 18-year-old boy again. We took off our T-shirts and dropped our shorts. Once again, I saw Derrick's beautiful stiff eight inch dick framed by a thick bush of curly brown pubic hair! I was so horny I almost shot a load just looking at him! He looked at my six incher and thick blonde bush, smiled, and then reached out and took it into his hands!! A jolt of electricity shot through my whole body! I then reached over and started stroking his. This was a dream come true for me. Finally, I was with a guy who wanted to get off with another guy as much as I did. Derrick suggested we work up more of a sweat before we took our shower. I agreed and then we climbed onto the bed and really got started.

We lay there caressing each other's naked bodies, especially each other's dick and balls. The feeling was unbelievable, I had never felt anything so good in my entire life! Just then Derrick stopped and got out of bed, I did not know what to think but was enjoying the view of his tight little ass as he walked across the room. He opened the backpack, grabbed the suntan lotion, and headed back for the bed. He felt we needed some lube to really get the party rolling!! Watching his hard hairy dick sway from side to side as he walked across the room was even more exciting than watching his ass! He climbed back onto the the bed. We lubed each other up and just started slowly stroking each other's swollen rods. As we stroked each other, we talked about how great it felt to jack each other off watching as our hands made love to the other's penis. After about fifteen minutes we stopped talking and just concentrated on the intense pleasure each of us was feeling! Each time we were about to cum we would really slow down or stop to prevent orgasm. Soon it got to be too much and we just had to finish each other off, so we speeded up our strokes and really teased each other's heads until we were both at the point of no return! Shots of white creamy juice erupted from our cocks, covering us both with each other's man juice. Now we were hot, sweaty, greasy, and cum-covered, definitely time to take that shower.

We got in the shower together and washed each other clean. Then Derrick started kissing me! I had NEVER been kissed by another guy before and was enjoying every minute of it. He stuck his tongue so far into my mouth that I thought he was going to go all the way down my throat. Needless to say, we both got very hard again. We got out of the shower, dried each other off, and went out into the other room where we started kissing again. We pulled back the blankets and fell into bed. As we were laying there kissing Derrick reached down and started masturbating both of our dicks at the same time! Feeling his body that close to mine and feeling his hand rub our dicks and feeling his tongue down my throat was more than we could handle and soon we were cumming all over each other again!

Spent and exhausted, we just cuddled until we both fell into a blissful deep slumber. It was such a wonderful feeling having this beautiful naked 18-year-old holding me like his teddy bear while we slept. The next morning we woke up, still cuddled together, hard as rocks. This time I initiated the session. I began playing with his nipples and slowly worked my way down to his thick bush and then down to his low hanging sack. I was careful not to touch his penis until he was begging me to. Then, when he was ready I began to jack the head of his penis while I pumped the base with my other hand. Soon he was doing the same to me. I soon learned that nothing feels better than having an orgasm first thing in the morning with your boyfriend. We did this until we could take it no more and began cumming all over each other. We just lay there and cuddled and talked until we were ready to do it again.

We decided to go at it one more time before we headed back to Chicago and boy did we go at it. Either she did not knock or we were too involved in our love-making to hear her, but soon we realized that the housekeeper had walked in on us! We hear a 'Dios Mio' and a slamming shut of our door. We were startled and started laughing but just had to finish the task at hand. After one more great orgasm we showered together and got dressed and left for Chicago!

It truly was one hot summer night!! Derrick and I had many other great experiences together but it will always be our first one that I have the fondest memories of!! We eventually lost track of each other and I would love to find him again but can't remember how to spell his last name. So Derrick if you happen to read this, and you know who it is, find me so we can have one more hot summer night!!



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