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One Hot Summer Night

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This happened some years ago when I was home from college for the summer. I was a 5'10' freshman backup point guard on the University basketball team, weighed about 170, trim, athletic, dark hair, blue eyes....and the recipient of quite a few envious looks by the other players when we hit the showers and they got a look at my cock. A nice straight, thick, 8 1/4 incher, with a perfect mushroom shaped head that caused some of the black guys to kid me 'man, you sure you ain't a brother?' In fact, I was hung better than almost all the big, tall black guys, and definitely bigger than any of the white players. Anyway, that summer I was working at a local movie theater to make some extra cash and eyeing this cute little red-head with nice titties who worked there too. She was 23 years old and I was just 18, so I thought I'd never get anywhere with her......boy, was I wrong! We worked late (like 1 am) before we got off and several of us (me, another guy, and three girls) would usually go out for something to eat, drive around, and tease each other (sex talk), never thinking anything would come of it. But I found Gracie (the 23 year old) to be a really hot babe. Boy, she got me going. She was so sexy, the way she talked, and those gorgeous full boobs....let's just say I had a hard time keeping my boner down. Anyway, one of the other girls had a birthday party at her house one night and some of the crew were off work and were able to go. I'd been there a bout an hour when I saw her....it was Gracie, she had gotten off her shift and come straight to the party. She looked so hot in tight skirt and white blouse. She came over as soon as she spotted me and we chatted, listening to the music. Then I asked her to dance and a slow song came on, so I held her close and as we moved I could feel my big dick waking up and thought, 'Oh crap she's not gonna like this.' But as her eyes let me know she could feel me, she smiled and said, 'My, you're a big boy aren't you Travis?' Embarrassed, I didn't respond, and then she said, 'Let's go for a ride.' That was all I needed to hear, so off we went. We drove a short distance to a park by the lake and parked. Instantly Gracie was right on top of me, planting a big wet kiss....wow....she was hot...I was loving it.....her tongue was so wonderfully warm. I moved my hand up from her waist to her perfectly shaped breast and squeezed oh so softly, she moaned and the next thing I knew she was undoing my belt and unzipping my pants. Man, my dick was about to explode...I was so hard it hurt. I lifted up enough to slide my pants and shorts down to my knees and when she saw my huge dick in the dim light her mouth dropped open and she said 'Oh my God, that's amazing, oh my God'. Then she took hold of my hard cock and started the greatest hand job of my life. Oh, she was good....long, slow strokes from the base to the head. I was all 8+ inches of rock-hard dick now baby! As the precum covered the head she started jackin' me faster and faster. I was in heaven! She keep whackin' my dick for a good 15 minutes and kept saying, 'I can't believe how big your cock is'...'how long can you go?'.....'my old boyfriend would have shot off in about 3 minutes' ... 'God, it feels so good, I wanna see you cum.' By now she was getting a little arm weary (most girls do) and she said to me 'honey, you're gonna have to take over for me.' That was fine with me....I was so hot and worked up now, I couldn't wait to pump my meat. So I started jackin' for her. She was mesmerized by the sight of me pulling my big cock and I was jackin' for all I was worth. Having an audience was such a turn-on, I beat off for another 30 minutes or so, then let loose a major load of cum. Man, it went flying out of my dick! 6 or 7 big shots of goo, a couple of smaller ones and then the rest trickled down my shaft. It was great! Gracie's only words, 'Oh my God.' We cleaned up, went back to the party, and the rest of that summer had some of the hottest sexual experiences of my life. But that night...wow!....that was one hot summer night!



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