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One Hot Summer

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This happened nearly 20 years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday! I had just graduated from a midwestern college and had accepted a job at a suburban Chicago hotel as a management trainee. While working there I met a young guy named Derrick, who had just turned 18. Since I was older and a management trainee and he was a bus boy, I was friendly toward him but that was it. He kept hanging around me and even followed me, without me knowing, back to my apartment one night. Not wanting to be rude I invited him in for a snack and a soda. We began talking and I found out that he had some problems with his home life and just needed someone to talk to. We talked well into the night and from that a wonderful friendship developed.

Over the course of the summer we began hanging out together quite a bit. We would often work late together and then after work we would watch movies, swim, or do whatever came along. Since we worked in a restaurant, it was not uncommon to get off work and be grubby and smelly. So when we got back to my apartment we would take showers, seperately, and put on clean clothes. It was not uncommon for us to see each other naked, but never in a sexual way. However, I would check out his beautiful body and big penis, which was framed by a big thick brown patch of pubic hair! Although we never did anything together, I would often masturbate thinking about Derrick and his beautiful penis.

One night we were sitting around watching a movie when I noticed that Derrick was squirming in his chair. I asked him what was going on and he just pointed down to his mid section. I asked if he needed to go to the bathroom and he said no. He explained that he was horny because it had been several days since he had cum. We had both admitted to each other that we liked to jackoff so talking about it was common. I told him to go into the bathroom and take care of it. But he explained that he wanted to lie down and spread out so he could enjoy it because he did not have the opportunity to do it that often. I told him he could use my bed if he wanted, but he declined because it would feel weird jacking off with me around. I told him not to worry because I too was horny and would be jacking off out in the other room. That is when he suggested that we jackoff together in my bed! This was a dream come true for me, but it did feel a bit weird being seduced by a younger guy!

When I was much much younger I used to masturbate with the other neighborhood boys, but none of us had gone through puberty yet and our dicks were still small and hairless. Although we would experience orgasms, they were dry. We moved to a new town before my friends and I had a chance to jackoff together after puberty and none of the boys in my new town would ever think about jacking off with another guy. Then I was off to college where it was very taboo to masturbate by yourself much less with another guy!! To be honest, girls never really interested me so I had not even had sex with a girl either! So here I was a 22-year-old guy who, even though I wanted to, had never had sexual relations of any kind with another post-puberty person. I mention this because I want you to understand why I was so excited about the prospect of masturbating with my new young friend.

We locked the front door and went into the bedroom. There was a definite air of raw sexuality in the room which was making me harder than I already was! He suggested that we get completely naked so we could really enjoy the experience. We slowly stripped and before he took off his pants he asked if I was hard. I assured him I was and asked if he was too. He just smiled and took off his pants. That is when I saw his big erect penis straining the front of his red low cut briefs. I quickly took off my pants and, since I don't wear underwear, was the first to expose my erect penis. He smiled and slowly removed his red briefs, revealing the biggest hairiest hardest penis I had ever seen! I was so excited that I almost came without touching my penis! We both climbed into bed and began masturbating. We just lay there slowly stroking our dicks while watching each other. I was in heaven. It was awesome jacking off while watching this beautiful young guy with a hairy eight incher pleasure himself while watching me!!!! We stroked ourselves very slowly wanting the moment to last as long as possible. After about 10 minutes Derrick asked if I had any lube. I reached into my nightstand drawer and pulled out the vaseline. We lubed up and after that it did not take long before we both were breathing very hard and squirming around on the bed in uncontrollable ecstasy!! The excitement got to be too much to handle and we both climaxed at the same time shooting wads of semen all over ourselves!!

We got out of bed and went into the bathroom where we showered together. It was in the shower where Derrick admitted that he liked masturbating with other guys. He told me that he and a friend had even jacked off each other at the same time!! I asked why we did not do that and he told me he wasn't sure I would be OK with the idea. I assured him I would be and he promised that the next time we would do that!! But that is another story for another day.

I will write it soon because it is very very hot and I know you will like it!! Even though I lost contact with Derrick, my memories of our experiences together continue to bring me pleasure while masturbating to this day!!



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