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One Hot Slutty Niece

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My wife has a niece that is just about the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Debra has short, jet black hair with a nice tan. She used to take every opportunity to sit on my lap and would always cause me to get a hard on. Once she could feel my hard dick throbbing against her ass, she would wiggle her ass around and look at me and give me this naughty little smile. This was her way of letting me know she knew full well what she was doing to me. This would always take place in a room full of family members.

After getting me so hard my balls were hurting, Debra would get up and go to the bathroom. She would always stay in there for a long time. In my mind I imagined she was playing with her pussy and getting herself off. I don't know for sure. What I do know is she would usually come out of the bathroom and sit across from me so I could see up her skirt. She would slowly spread her legs, giving me a clear view of her panties.

This would take place every time we visited Debra and her family. One day after her sitting on my lap getting me hard and then going to the bathroom she came out and sat down across from me. This particular day I noticed that Debra didn't have any panties on and I could see her dark pussy hair. That day, after looking at her bare pussy for a little, I decided to go to the bathroom and jack off. Everyone was talking and wasn't paying attention to what anyone was doing.

I went to the same bathroom Debra had been to earlier and as I sat down to jack off I noticed the dirty clothes hamper within reach. On impulse I raised the top of the hamper and there was a pair of panties. I picked them up and immediately noticed they were still damp. I looked at the size. They had to belong to Debra because they were too small for her mom or her sister. I inspected the crotch and it was soaking wet with pussy juice. After about two minutes of jacking my dick, smelling, sucking and licking her pussy juice I shot my load. I filled the crotch of her panties with hot cum. I put the panties back where I found them and cleaned myself up and went back and sat down. I don't think anyone, except Debra, realized that I had been out of the room.

Debra gave me a few more shots of her hot little pussy and then she goes back to the same bathroom. She was gone only a short time until she returned. As soon as she sat down she slowly opened her legs and the first thing I noticed was that she had panties on. I wondered if she had put the panties I had shot off in or gotten a clean pair. I had to know so a few minutes went by and I went back to the bathroom for a second time. I looked in the hamper and the panties I had shot off in were gone. That slutty little cunt was sitting there with my cum getting all over her pussy. I got so hot thinking about it that I had to jack off a second time.

This went on for about two or three years and I enjoyed every minute of it. Every time my wife suggested we go visit them I had to hide my excitement. This took place many years ago. Debra and I are still close today but for reasons known to everyone I cannot write about it here.



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