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One Hot Competition

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One Thursday night in June, my girlfriend Kari called and said 'I know you're planning to do something naughty, but don't! Save it for me and I'm gonna milk you on Saturday. Plus, I will record the session', before even saying hello. This immediately made me hot, I said 'Cool, count me in.' 'Yesterday's quickie... was it your last ejaculation?' she asked rather abruptly. I was startled a bit but said 'Yeah, babe. But I was going to jerk off tonight before going to bed.' She said 'Even an erection is out of the question. I love you. Bye!' and hung up.

I didn't know what that was about but it sounded really good. Kari and I have a very satisfactory sex life, in both quality and quantity. We have an agreement (sort of a game) such that each of us must have at least 11 (just a magic number) orgasms per week. We are such love bunnies that we easily go past this minimum. (At this point, I have to state that we've been in a relationship for two and a half years and Kari is a goddess, I just cannot get enough of her.) But of course there are times that we can barely see each other and cannot have the time or privacy to catch up with the rule. Finals periods are such times and since we are studying at different universities it becomes necessarily hard to obey the agreement.

But the rule applies at all times. So we have to masturbate enough to meet the specifications. In time we made a habit of masturbating once or twice on the days we couldn't have the opportunity to have sex. (Otherwise there might be Black Sundays on which we have to jerk off like hell. Of course the rule is not that strict but it is very hot and fun to obey it.) On Wednesday I attended my last final exam, then drove straight to Kari's campus, waited for her to finish her exam, then we went into a ladies' room and did it. This was our second quickie that week, the other took place in her car on Monday. On Tuesday we performed mutual masturbations while on the phone. Her most important final was on Saturday morning and I wasn't going to see her until that time. During exam periods Kari stays at her best friend Lonnie's. They are best friends since childhood and are students at the same department. They are both fun and crazy girls. From time to time they act like completely geeks.

I spent a lazy Friday, playing computer games and frequently getting erections thinking about the next day's events to come. On Saturday I woke up at nine, took a shower, trimmed my pubic hair. etc. At 11am, Kari rang the door. She was wearing a light green peasant dress with purple sandals and a small purse of purple and green. The contrast between her tall, slim body and her slightly big tits were very prominent. She wore a makeup in dark shades of green which went very well with her dark hair and green eyes. She was sexy as hell. There and then, she began taking off her dress. As I was closing the door, the dress and the purse were already on the floor. Oh my God, no bra, no panties, her usual thick bush (she keeps the area around her labia bald but the rest is just too long. I like it on her snow white skin, though) ... I got completely hard at once. There she was, stark naked except her sandals. She threw them away and said 'I'm gonna milk you sooo bad! Give me all you can give!' With this, she kneeled before me and lowered my boxer shorts carefully. She said 'I bow before thee, I prostrate in adoration' to my raging erection, smiled and took hold of it. She began jerking me off with gently moves. She got up and moved towards the bedroom, without letting my dick go, making me move with her. She found the camera, the lubricant and a pack of condoms, handed them to me and lead me to the sitting room. On the way, we got a 90-minute miniDV cassette from her purse. All this time she kept on stroking me.

She made me sit on the sofa, started the camera and sit on my legs facing me. She jerked me softly, going all the way up and down, twirling her hand at the same time. Sometimes she squeezed my cock at the base and stared at it lovingly. She commented on how smooth it was and how beautiful it looked. In time she gathered speed and began to hump my leg, her juices literally flowing. One of many things that I love about her body is not just her nipples but her whole areolae get puffy when she is aroused. They get smaller in diameter but they protrude ahead. This sight always overexcites me. Especially now that she is riding on my leg, making it hot and wet with her delicious pussy. I was getting close, very close to a climax. I decided to give in to this raging ecstasy, shoot my load all over her body and start eating her. My dick head was now enormous in size. Actually, at all times it is the widest part of my member but gets significantly bigger before ejaculation. This signalled Kari to stop. She said 'Nooo, I don't want you to cum now, I need all you have in your balls.' She paused jerking me off for a while. She zoomed in to my dick with the camera and said 'I'm in love with this mushroom of yours... delicious magic mushroom'. Then she wrapped her fingers around the engorged glans and squeezed it as if trying to make it smaller.

At that instant a good deal of precum came out, rather abruptly. I saw the disappointment on her face. Being used to very low amounts of precum from me, she thought I was cumming. When she saw that I wasn't, she smiled and licked the juice. She continued jerking me for five more minutes enthusiastically. I was on the edge, my cock couldn't be any harder and it started to ache. Not to mention the glans, which was again all swollen and purple. She cupped and weighed my balls for some time, regularly caressing my dick. It felt great, at the same time drove away the tension a bit. She switched between caressing my dick lovingly and jerking it frantically for for another ten or fifteen minutes. Then she looked at the counter of the camera and said 'Darling, it's been thirty-two minutes. What I had in mind was forty. Can you contain yourself for a few minutes more?'. So what if it was thirty-two. I didn't understand any of it. I said 'Babe, it will hit the camera lens any minute'. She laughed and teared open a condom she brought. After a short struggle to unwrap it around the tip of the 'mushroom' which caused more precum to ooze, she was again jerking me hard. I was sooo close to cumming, I said 'Baby, I may cum as soon as I'm inside you.' 'You will cum for the camera, my silly boy!' she answered. And I came... It was an unusual one. The first contraction was so long and powerful that I thought there wouldn't be a second one. At once the tip of the condom was full and was pointing upwards. There was more semen trapped between the condom and the glans. Five or six seconds later the other contractions occurred, each adding to the mess in the condom. Total number of the contractions was seven, which was wierd because I usually spurt eleven or twelve times. Kari was still jerking me with a big smile on her face. She carefully took the condom off my dick, trying to keep all the semen inside. She tied the condom into a knot and held it in the air. 'That is one beautiful sight. Thank you.'

She put the camera on the couch facing us and adjusted it. She sat on my leg and started humping me. Her pussy was so wet that it left traces along my leg. 'As soon as I finish myself, I'll take care of you' she said. 'I've already been taken care of' I said, but she didn't even hear it. She was riding my leg like crazy. I wanted to play with her clit, but she was so fast, I couldn't track it. So, I stopped her for a minute and wet my fingers in her pussy. She continued her frenzy and I inserted a finger in her asshole. This sent a shiver through her whole body and she started moaning. In less than a minute, she was shaking with orgasmic contractions accompanied by high-pitched screams. She moved onto my now-flaccid penis and went on rubbing her pussy. I kept my finger in her ass, occasionally teasing it with a second one. I sensed that she had another huge one coming on: her cheeks, neck and upper chest started to blush, her moans got deeper and more frequent. The most spectacular of all, her areolae got shrunken somewhat, only to make her nipples even bigger. The trembling in her hips spread over her whole body, and now she was uncontrollably shaking, in particular, her tits were vibrating like jelly. Finally, she collapsed onto my chest, I felt her nipples as bullets on my skin.

When she came around, she noticed that she was lying on a rock hard boner. She moved her hips back and forth to be sure. Then she smiled and said 'What a fortunate turn of events!'. She sat on the floor and started caressing my dick which was all wet from her juices. She kissed it gently and took a condom from the pack which was lying on the sofa. She rolled it on my pecker and started stroking it at various speeds. A few minutes later, she sit on the sofa next to me. I stood up and positioned myself for penetration, but rather, she made me sit between her legs, facing away from her. She hugged me from behind, her nipples were sticking into my back. She held my penis with both hands and started stroking again. I could feel the hotness of her pussy around my ass. She said 'Just let me milk you one more time. Next week, you will fuck me as much as you want. If you don't, I will jump on you at every chance I get'. She started rubbing her pussy against my ass cheeks. 'In addition, choose a day. On that day we will not get out of the bed and do it until we pass out.' she added. Oh, how sweet was this talk. 'I must admit, there is no other thing in this life that makes me happier than your huge glans tearing my insides... pounding my uterus...'. This last sentence was the one that broke me. I started ejaculating like hell. She kept repeating 'Yessss, my boy' with each spurt.

She carefully stripped the condom off my cock and held it in the air. She smiled and said 'A big load... as I expected! Thank you!'. 'In a couple of minutes, I can be ready for a third run. I'm burning to be inside you' I said. 'Sorry, darling, only jerk offs today. I gotta be at Lonnie's. But I promise, you'll be inside soon'. In less than a minute, she was walking out the door, having put the two condoms and the videotape into her purse, worn her one-piece dress and sandals. I was exhausted but still horny. What was that all about? Why was her pussy forbidden?

The other night, Kari came to my place and we had some drinks. She said 'Last night, Lonnie and I watched the video and it was sooo sexy'. She saw the questioning look on my face and explained: 'No, I didn't tape it for Lonnie so that she could masturbate watching it. In fact, she taped a similar one with Matt. We had to compare how much you guys ejaculate. It was a bet, you see'. 'What?' I couldn't believe my ears. 'One night, while Lonnie and Kari were studying hard but horny as cats in heat. There came a time when I threw my pencil away, slipped my hand inside my panties and told her how I wished I had been playing with your meaty dick and got washed by a huge load of semen. Lonnie told me that among the six guys that she had been with, Matt was the one who ejected the most. The others were way behind. She inquired about how much you ejaculate. I said you were the best of three. Then, for quite some time we were lost in the details and ended up in a bet. You know the rest. We gave you guys a one and a half days notice to accumulate semen. We set some rules on the milking process: For example, no penetration of any kind is allowed because a good shooter has to perform well during masturbation. The videos are to prove that no insertion had been done. Second, we decided that there should be two samples from each guy to make a more healthy comparison. A high amount in the second ejaculation guarantees that your guy can always fill you up'. She saw the mocking smile on my face and innocently asked 'Doesn't it?'. I said 'You sure are pure-blood geeks. But, tell me more, I'm loving every minute of it'. She continued: 'So, we agreed on providing 75 minutes for two ejaculations. The video would be recorded in a single take to demonstrate this. The timing of these two orgasms was up to the person, so it was an important decision. I went for forty minutes for the first one. Apparently, Lonnie decided similarly'.

I laughed and said 'I'm glad you are not always like this'. 'I know it sounds weird, but you don't how many times we masturbated that night, setting up the rules. And, you don't know about last night, watching and comparing and...' She blushed and smiled. She was sooo lovely and sexy. I admitted that I found all this stuff very exciting. I also needed to learn whether I was found satisfactory by the girls or not. So, I said 'And the winner is...'. 'Before that, there is one more thing I should mention. Last night we added another category. As you would guess, it is the length. We referred to the parts of the condoms that were rolled on and the videos, if necessary, for a rough estimate'. 'I think you are pushing the limits of our tolerance there' I said but not really meaning it. She said 'I knew that that wouldn't be a problem for you. So did Lonnie'. I said 'Of course not. I'm just joking'.

She cleared her throat and started telling the news: 'Sooo.... First of all, both contestants performed very well and they deserve a loud applause.' She took a piece of paper out of her purse. 'Results for Mr. Tobias. He shot 11.9 milliliters of semen on his first try and 7.3 on the second. And his dick is... approximately 6.9 inches long'. 'How did you measure the volume?' I asked. 'We used a graded cylinder from the kitchen. Lonnie's mom has all kinds of such things. Of course, we carefully washed the cylinder afterwards. By the way, is it 6.9 inches?'. 'You take for granted that I know it'. 'I would know it if I were a boy' she replied. 'Okay, okay, it was 6.7 when I measured it. But, you are very close'. 'We are scientists Toby, we don't bullshit'. We both laughed. 'And now, I announce Matt's results. His semen volumes were 8.9 and 6.9 milliliters. By the way, we looked up the average semen volume on the internet and it was something like 3.5. We are pretty convinced that both of you are way above the average, knowing that you typically shoot such amounts. But of course we have a winner, which happens to be Thee, my Lord! In Lonnie's words: 'Toby ejaculates like a stallion''. 'Do we burst open the champagne then?' I asked. 'Of course we will. But I have to add that Matt's was a bit longer than yours, so he won the second category. We estimated him to be 7.2 inches. The actual difference is not so high, but he looks even bigger on video. Presumably, this is because it's so thin, so much thinner than yours'. 'You look like you're impressed' I said. 'Of course I am impressed Toby, isn't that just natural. Won't you get excited when you see Lonnie naked in the video? I honestly, definitely prefer your thick meat with its huge mushroom'.

With this we put Lonnie and Matt's video on and shagged for at least 75 minutes.



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