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One Great Birthday

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Been reading this site for years now. Great site


A couple of days ago I went to my brother's and I's friends house to hang out. And it was the day before my birthday. We arrived there around 10 oclock, watching tv and such. I have been fooling around with my friend, John, for a while now. But tonight he seemed different. Usually we dont really try anything while everyone is awake so no one will get any suspitions. Well tonight he kept making eyes at me and occasional touching, nothing sexual but I could tell that he was realy horny. John is 16, blonde hair, blue eyes, slender build about 5'9 and a 6 inch dick probably 5 inches round. I just turned 20, brown hair, brown eyes, 5'8, I have a 6 3/4 inch dick and 4 inches round. oh and we're both circumsized. When everyone fell asleep downstairs on the floor, I went upstairs to one of their beds becasue its more comfortable, and of course for privacy. Well when I get there john goes to a seperate room which really confused me. So I took out my phone and started messing around and then I got a text message from john who can see me across the hall. And he asks if he can come over, of course I said yes. John comes over and he plays playstation for a while and I watched. Then he turned it off and slept on the floor. After a while I asked if he was at all comfortable and he said no, so I said he could come up to the bed. So he did and lied down next to me. Right away he grabbed my crotch to get it hard. And he yanked my pants down and underwear and then went for my shirt to yank it off. So in less then 20 seconds I was completely naked in the bed. He started rubbing my soft dick around to get it hard, which didnt take that long. He then turned me over so he could thrust with his pants on against my bare ass. He sure was loving it, and I wasnt gonna complain. Then he just squeezed me close to him pushing his rock hard cock against my crack. then for a while he held me tight just feeling our hearts beat. Then I turned around and stripped him clean too. And then he got on top of me and he was basically humping so that our cocks were pressed up against each other. It was so hot! Then he took my hand to his dick to start jacking him. I started to jack him while lying right next to him watching him squirm while closes his eyes in ecstacy. Then I start to realize that I need some lube for him to have a better jack. So I walk into the bathroom and find some lotion and I bring it back with my hard dick and balls bobbing in the cool air. I put in down next to the bed and pump some in my hand. I put some in my hands and it was pretty cold then I gripped his dick and he shivered then we both giggled quietly. Then I started to pump him slow focusing on his head. Then I got up becasue I wanted to watch his face while I jacked him. So I stradled him with my dick right next to his. I put his legs over mine with my feet close to his ears. My left hand was fondling his balls and tugging at left every now and then. And then I see that his toes are starting to curl and he starts clawing the sheets. With the window being right next to us I can see his whole soccer body in the moonlight while he is biting his bottom lip with quiet breathes getting harder and louder with each stroke. Then I feel his dick go solid, moans, and curses, and then he reaches down to catch his cum. And then I push his hands away as I pump the rest of his cum out while he dick goes soft in my hand. He then gets up to go to the bathroom and as I watch his white ass disappear from the doorway. I then try to relax because usually he doesnt want to jack me. But he comes back still naked and then he comes over to me still naked with his dick swaying in the moonlight. He then stradles me and leans over me to get lotion next to my head on the side of the bed. So I can smell his body spray on his neck. He then sits back up and smiles as he spreads the lotion all over my cock and balls. Then he starts jacking me and leans down and he starts to suck on my nipples and kisses down my chest and then sits back up and starts to pump my dick hard which only felt good because of the lotion. While im getting close he starts to push his soft dick along my butt and he starts to hump me, but not penetrate while he is jacking me. Im getting closer and closer and then I wrap my legs around his waist humping his hand and he goes faster and harder. Then I start to moan pretty loud and he starts laughing then I feel my balls suck up into my stomach and I let out a long loud moan as I start to cum and I quickly catch it with my hands so it doesnt go all over his bed. I sit there for a little bit before geting up to the bathroom. I close the door behind me and look at my stomach to see that I have had the biggest orgasm of my entire life all over my chest. I wipe up and go pee. then come back with my junk swaying climbing back into bed. Where John was waiting and still naked as I am. He wraps his arm and leg around me with his thigh on top of my crotch. Then he gradually starts to try and get me hard again. And I was spent and out of breath, I mean I was huffing and puffing still. I tried to mess around with him, but he could tell I was out of it. Then he held me for a while, feeling our warm, wet bodies pulsing with each other. He then got up put on his shorts and left to his room and then I put on my briefs lazily and fell fast asleep. BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!!!! If John happens to read this, know that I loved it! Thank you!



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