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One Amazing Night

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A night, followed by a weekend, which changed my life.


Neither Peter nor I expected, planned or had even imagined what happened on that amazing night. It was a total surprise to both of us. Other than some boyhood feeling and fumbling, I had never had a gay experience until that night.

Derek, John, Peter and I met in our first year at university and became friends. We lived in a hall of residence during that first year, but at the beginning of our second year, we moved into a flat together. It had two twin-bedded rooms. Derek and John, twin brothers, slept in one and Peter and I slept in the other. Derek and John lived quite near our university town, so if there was nothing important or interesting happening on campus at a weekend, they would often go off home, leaving Peter and me on our own.

On this particular Friday, lectures ended about 4:00pm, and the twins left straight away for home. Peter and I attended a meeting of the Drama Club, though, and did not reach the flat until about 6:00pm. As we often did, we changed into shorts and T-shirts, and I prepared us some tea. Afterwards, we sat side by side on the settee and watched television for about an hour. I then made coffee and later, took the empty cups into the kitchen and washed them.

Let me tell you a little about Peter. He had dark hair and blue eyes, which twinkled when he smiled, and in a way which I couldn't describe, I'd always somehow found him attractive; though it never occurred to me that the attraction was sexual. I think, however, that we were always closer to each other than we were to Derek and John. We often sat and talked quite intimately, sharing our plans and secrets with each other.

Well, that night, as I returned from washing the coffee cups, I accidentally tripped and finished up sprawled across Peter's lap.

'Get up, you great clumsy dollop!' he grinned at me, and pushed me on to the floor. I jumped up and laughingly retaliated by pushing his face back and then this developed into a rough-and-tumble and we both finished up on the floor. I don't suppose the fight lasted more than a couple of minutes, just enough for us to break sweat, and it was somehow that, the smell of Peter, which triggered an amazing response in me.

As we clambered to out feet and sat down beside each other, Peter's musky smell almost overwhelmed me. I threw my arm around him and pulled him towards me. I saw a look of amazement flash across his face, but he didn't resist, and before we knew it, he just seemed to melt into my embrace and I was kissing him! He wrapped his arms around me and returned the kiss, and for a couple of minutes, we just sat there kissing, almost savagely.

By then, I was frantic with desire and my cock was hard and stiff and tenting my shorts. At last, we broke to get our breath, but the moment we looked at each other, the frenzy began again and we kissed and fondled as though it was about to go on ration. We said not a word to each other, but soon our T-shirts were off; and when that happened, Peter dropped his head and began kissing my nipples. I responded by thrusting my right hand deep between his thighs which he opened to accommodate me, and I realised his cock was as hard as mine. Discovering this, I unfastened his belt and began to drag his shorts down.

Peter stopped nuzzling my nipples and said, 'Oh, God, Dave, what is happening to us?' and I gasped, 'Who cares! Stand up!'

He did, and I had his shorts and underpants round his ankles in seconds, and began to unfasten my own shorts. Peter immediately pushed my hands away and, unzipping me, he soon had me naked. For perhaps ten seconds, we stared at each other. We had seen each other naked before but never in such a state of sexual arousal. I looked down and saw we were both displaying a good six inches of throbbing flesh, our foreskins were pulled hard back, and we were dripping pre-cum.

Instinctively, we clasped each other and ground our cocks together, each of us wetting the belly and pubic hair of the other, and all the time moaning with passion. Suddenly, Peter pulled away and dropped on his knees and took my cock into his hand and began to gently jack me. For perhaps a minute, I let him continue, and then I raised him upright and returned the compliment; and all the time, he was groaning with passionate pleasure.

Then, through my frenzied brain, there flashed the memory that Peter was left-handed, and I realised how we could pleasure each other. I stood up and put my left arm around him and pulled him down beside me on to the settee. I took hold of his rigid dick and began to rub it. Immediately realising the strategy, Peter put his right arm around me and took my rock-hard dick into his strong left hand. He had got the idea!

There was no finesse in what we did. We just jacked each other as hard as we could go, both of us moaning and sweating with the exertion. It could not last long. Peter suddenly gasped that he was coming, and I felt his dick harden and throb in my hand. I looked down just as his first ejaculation burst from him. And could he shoot! The first spurt hit him under the chin, the second landed on the top of his chest, and then he pulsed out the rest between his pubic hair and his navel.

I kept rubbing until he had finished and, as he relaxed back on to the settee, I pushed his hand off my cock and lifted up his legs so that he was lying on the settee. I then climbed across him and lay on top of him so that my hard and throbbing cock was lying beside his, now beginning to slacken on his cum-wet belly. I wrapped my arms around him and he reached down and took hold of my quivering buttocks, and with that, I began to hump as hard as I could. It was a great feeling, my hard dick sliding up and down his wet body. So great, in fact, that I only lasted a couple of minutes before I exploded into a bum-crinkling orgasm. I cried out with rapture as I felt the semen shoot out of me and mix with Peter's between our hot, sweaty bodies. I milked it as long as I could and then, when it was over, I just relaxed on top of Peter; and we stayed like that until we had both got our breath back.

After about five minutes, we slipped apart and sat beside each other. Peter looked at me, a little shocked, I think, and asked me what I thought we had started. I just shrugged my shoulders and took him in my arms. And then, I admitted to him that I had always found him in some way attractive but had not quite realised how deep the feeling was. Peter listened to me and then he confessed that he had felt much the same, but had not realised that anything could come of it.

After a while, I went into the kitchen and collected some paper towels, and with these, I wiped us both dry. For a time, we sat quietly side my side, and then, and what a pointless thing to do! Peter reached for the TV remote control and switched the set on. For perhaps twenty minutes, we watched, but I have no idea what the programme was. As suddenly as Peter had switched the TV on, he suddenly switched it off. He then turned my face towards him and kissed me; and straight away, desire swept through me like a tidal wave, and within seconds, I was rock hard. Before we broke the kiss, I reached between his thighs and started to caress his tight ball-sack, and as quickly as mine had done, his cock was raging.

Now, he took the initiative and laid me flat on the floor. Kneeling astride me, he took hold of my dick and gave me his, suggesting that we did it slowly this time, and proceeded to wank me with long, slow strokes. I began on him in the same way, and we managed to carry on like that for some time. But two randy 19 year olds are not good at controlling passion and we were soon going for it hard and fast. And this time, I was the first to blow. Another glorious orgasm flooded me, making my toes tingle, and I sprayed semen all over my chest and belly. I kept on wanking Peter even as I climaxed, and barely a minute later, he was cumming all over my already semen-soaked body.

After we had finished, we lay side by side on the floor until we were back down to earth; and again, we talked about what we had previously felt for each other. Finally, though, we got to our feet and went into the bathroom where we bathed each other and we managed to do that without making each other cum again. The rest of the evening, we spent naked and, when bedtime came, we decided to sleep together. We tossed a coin to see whose bed we would use and Peter won so, about 11:00pm, we both clambered into his bed. For a time, we lay quietly side by side, but my temperature, and dick, soon began to rise again. I pushed the blankets off us and took hold of his dick and started to stroke it. He was soon hard and responding to my efforts. It took me about a quarter of an hour, but I brought him to another shuddering climax; and as soon as he was calm again, he returned the compliment and made me cry out with pleasure.

I reached for paper tissues and wiped myself dry but, as I started to do the same for Peter, he told me to go easy on his dick because it was nearly RAW!

So I was careful and after he was dry, I found some cream and gently massaged it into his tender shaft. He seemed to like this and after five or six minutes of massage, we settled down to sleep. His cock could not have been all that sore, though, because about 3:00am, I was awakened by Peter rubbing my cock and, as soon as I was erect, he placed my hand on his throbbing erection and told me to rub. So once again, we brought each other to climax and ejaculation. And we did it again the next morning when we woke up.

As you can imagine, that was quite a night, followed by an equally interesting weekend! By the time Derek and John returned on the Sunday evening, we both had dicks which needed careful handling, even when just going for a pee!

Of course, that night changed dramatically the relationship between Peter and me. We became, and remained, wanking buddies for the rest of our university careers. We were sure that the twins knew the position, but they never commented. As a matter of fact, Peter and I were pretty certain that there was more than just brotherly love between Derek and John themselves, even though they both had regular girlfriends. We never saw actual evidence of what we suspected, but the sly comments they made to each other, and the way they often looked at each other, made us sure we were right. They often, too, engaged in horseplay together, wrestling on the settee or the floor, and invariably one of them would grab the the package of the other; and the comments made by the twin doing the grabbing suggested he was not exactly in alien territory! Once or twice, whilst wrestling, one of the twins, by accident exposed the other ones cock (which was easy to do as we all wore only shorts or baggy jogging trousers when in the flat)and that momentarily exposed cock was always hard!

I have never seen Derek or John, though, since our degree congregation; but Peter and I have kept in close contact since leaving university, meeting up three or four times each year. And a good time is still had by both, and all resulting from that one amazing night. But that is another story for which there is no time or space left here!



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