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Once You Start You Can't Stop

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I was very excited to have Brian spend a summer weekend with me. At 15, Brian was a year older and seemed to know so much more about the world than I. To top it off, my mother was out of town and my push-over aunt was staying with us. I knew that I would be doing all kinds of crazy things with Brian.

On Saturday night, we decided to go streaking as soon as my aunt went to sleep. We watched a movie and began our watch for the vigil for the bedroom light upstairs to go off. After 11:30 we decided that we would spy to determine what was keeping my aunt awake.

Slowly, I crawled up the stairs just high enough to see into the room. Not wanted to be seen, Brian climbed on top of me just as I was realizing what my aunt's fingers were doing between her legs. As we lay there about five minutes watching her glistening fingers do their work, I was surprised to feel the pressure of Brian's hardening dick on my ass. All of this action was making me even more excited to head outside to feel the cool on my very stiff cock.

As we scampered through the weeds with our cocks flapping in the breeze, I was amazed to see another person's hard-on for the first time. Other than a few cars honking, nothing much happened on our outing.

When we returned, our conversation turned toward masturbation and sex. I was dating a girl who was notorious for being an easy screw. Brian advised me that I needed to have a condom with me because I could not stop it once I began to cum. When he saw my empty nod, he said, 'Holy shit, you have never cum, have you?' and offered to show me.

With some coaxing, we turned out most of the lights and pulled off our shorts. Seeing the moisture on the tip of his cock close-up was amazing. He was so big, compared to me. He started stroking his cock to show me how it was done. Clumsily, I attempted to imitate his motion. Seeing my difficulty, Brian rolled over to me, placed his hand firmly on the base of my cock and started stroking. Wow!! The feeling of another person's hand pumping my manhood made me tingle.

After about ten strokes, he placed his mouth around the head of my cock. The heat of his tongue on the tip made me explode cum all over his face. With a few quick pumps of his fist, Brian finished himself off and we went to sleep.

Later that night, I found that I had flipped around in bed and woke up with my face only a few inches from Brian's soft dick. The sweetness of his dried cum drew me close and closer. I took a deep breath, placed the whole thing in my mouth, and began to suck. Soon, his dick was too big to hold in my mouth and I placed my hand around its base. Pumping was still awkward, but Brian, who was now awake, helped out by pumping his hips.

I placed a hand on his ass and held on as Brian began to take control. I felt his ass tighten and his cock become even harder as he sprayed his salty cum on my hands and mouth. After helping me to another orgasm, we cleaned up and went back to sleep.

Brian and I spent the next day awkwardly playing computer games and terrorizing the neighborhood. We never talked about what had happened the night before. Once school began, we lost touch. I was a jock and really did not hang-out with his type.

I am now in a marriage with a very boring sex life. I often masturbate remembering my first experience with Brian. One day, I will gather enough nerve to relive that night with another man.



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