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Once Again We Have Similiar Interests

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How common is this?


We grew up in a small town, my friend Mike and I. Our parents were high school friends. In fact we can't remember not knowing each other. In age I am six months older. We did all the kid things; ride our bikes, participate on sports teams; swim and fish in the lake on his folks' property. From the time we were little kids we always swam naked. The lake was private and only invited guests could use it. As we reached puberty we became fascinated in watching the changes in our bodies; pubic hair, penis growing, widening. As teens do, we, of course, once in a while measured our penises. (They grew to be about 6 inches, his being slightly wider, both circumcised.) This led to our touching each other, sexual discussions, looking at whatever pictures of naked women we could find. The touching always felt good. By now we were experimenting with stroking as we heard about this from the older guys. We were about 12 at the time. In time we began, not just to touch, but to stroke each other. I had my first real orgasm by his hand. We were in awe at watching me spurt my first load. About two weeks later while I was jacking him he too had his first orgasm. We were excited that now we both were like the big guys. The stroking led to mutually oral sex, sometimes 69. We both agreed that we did not want to cum in each others mouths and always pulled out just before that final glorious moment. We discussed anal but mutually agreed that was not for us. Sometimes we would invite two or three other guys to swim with us in the summer. As masturbating was no secret our swim sessions would end with a circle jerk. Sometimes we played games. Winner, the first to cum. Or, winner the last to cum. This was played by jacking the guy sitting next to you. Of course we stroked him like crazy to make him be first to cum. Last guy spurting won. During these times we began dating, taking girls to movies. One of our parents would drive, after picking us up at the movies and taking the girls home we would then sleep over and continue our own activities. Of course discussing what we would do to the girls got us really hot. This lasted until we were about 18 and went off to college. We both lost our virginity during those years; he with his first real girl friend. Me in a whorehouse in Nevada on a college trip with friends. I might add after leaving for college I never engaged in any form of sex with another male for the next 42 years. Mike did have mutual jerk off sessions (no oral, his girl friend was providing that) with his roommate during the years that they shared a small apartment.
After college we took different career paths. I entered my dad's business, he went to work for a major corporation (over 38 years) and moved to a larger city about 500 miles away. We married, he has two boys, I a girl and boy. All four now happily married. We kept in touch and shared family occasions; births, weddings, anniversaries. Either my wife and kids would drive to see them or vice versa.
I retired about 5 years ago and we moved to a southwestern retirement community. Mike and his wife would, on vacations, visit with us. On one of the vacations he told me he was retiring and they decided to purchase a place in our community. My wife and I were excited about having them close by. Mike and I, as when we were kids now have our daily routines; golf, tennis, fishing, card games. As our wives don't like gambling or fishing we would make short 2 and 3 day stays to Las Vegas where we could fish in a nearby lake and gamble at night. Due to our long history together over the years we would confide and discuss personal issues with each other. Neither of us had brothers and that is how we looked upon each other, brothers! On one of our trips he mentioned that his wife was losing interest in regular sex and it was difficult for him. I knew he masturbated at times throughout his marriage as he knew I did the same. The discussion came around to the things we did as kids/teens. Neither of us, nor did our friends think our activities made us gay. My sex life at home had slowed down to once every 5 or 6 weeks, if that. I told him this. In addition, although both our wives tried oral during our younger years this was taboo now. We discussed extracurricular hetero affairs, but at our age, and with the prevalence of STD's this was out of the question. I then wondered out loud. If the things we did as kids didn't make us gay, would two seniors with still strong sexual desires be any different. That trip we were gone 3 days; the first night, after that discussion we went to a pay porn channel on the TV and jacked off together. The next night we were back to our old ways, jacking each other, by the third night he took me in his mouth and I reciprocated. Our teenage agreement still stands, no cumming inside each other.
We now get together one or two times per week, depending whose house is empty and available for our pleasurable sessions. We both have pools, as always we swim naked and proceed from there. And of course continue our fishing trips. We also vacation together as a foursome. Things are obviously different on those trips. We are both comfortable with our activities. Ironically our wives benefit too, our pressuring them for more sex than they can handle has decreased.
Lastly, we still both do solo jackoffs. There is a pleasure in that too. Something about the ability to please yourself, at any age.



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