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On the Train (Again)

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Next steps in my sexual development


I wrote in my story On the Train about my first (teenage) MM experience, in which my mate Martin jacked off beside me on the train back from school. I didn't take things any further with him, but of course observing him cumming at close quarters increased my curiosity about other boys wanking habits. Although we all saw each other naked pretty frequently, in the showers after sports, we were still rather shy of talking about jacking off. Whenever the subject did come up however, my classmates routinely admitted that they did it, and fairly regularly, too. Even the posh boys with refined accents, who, I imagined, might be too polite to indulge, confided that they also dealt with their bedtime erections in the same way that I did. Among my circle of really close friends, I began to realise that doing it together on the train was also fairly common, even doing some things that can't be talked about on this site.

Of course, like all teenage boys, we thought a lot about girls, and when we could, made our first fumbling attempts to make out with them; but other boys were much more accessible (we went to an all male school). With two friends in particular, Mike and Steven (not their real names), I progressed to wanking separately but together (on the train again!) and eventually to tossing each other off, which I found tremendously exciting. Since those days I've had amazing experiences with women, but there's still something very special about having sex with someone whose body works just the same way as your own. Observing another guys hard-on is one of the most arousing things there is!

On one occasion with Steven I got so carried away that I had my first hands free cumming experience. After some vigorous mutual rubbing, we gave it a break because we wanted the fun to last. I was just standing before him with my hard-on pointing forwards and up, when involuntarily my cock started twitching and then WOW! It was like a firework going off between my legs. Surge after surge of semen spurted out and landed on the carriage floor. What a climax! Steven was impressed; but I started wondering how I was going to conceal the messy evidence of our activities.

These experiences, great as they were, seemed to run their course and eventually stopped. Maybe we thought we had taken things as far as we could, and should now move on. Round about fifteen years of age, I even began feeling rather embarrassed about the whole masturbation thing. I started to think it was an immature habit I should have grown out of, and I made efforts to stop. These attempts of course were unsuccessful; the urge was far too strong and there were plenty of soaked tissues beside my bed right up to the time I left school and of course into adulthood.

What's the typical wanking frequency in the late teenage years, I wonder? It would be interesting to get some comments.



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