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On the Train

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A friend refered to this site a few days ago and I am amazed by all the stories out there. A particular story caught my eye. It was about that girl who touched a complete stranger in the bus because a very similar situation happened to me just weeks ago.

First off about myself. I am not a model built but I like to think I am pleasant to the eye. 5'11', brunette with grey-blue eyes. Never saw myself being with another girl until...

It was like any other day, going home from Paris downtown by train. As usual it was jam packed with all the people leaving work and heading to the suburbs. I kept being pushed to the corner of the coach until I came in close with a female who was seated on a corner seat while I was still standing. She had light blonde hair and pretty eyes, she seemed to be in her early 20s. We just exchanged a smile and I simply turned my gaze back out the window, not thinking much of it.

The next station came and more rushed into the car, at this point I was driven closer to that woman. I ended up straddling one of her legs with both of mine, my back still turned to her. I inquired of her comfort and she said it did not bother her. I was wearing a mid-thigh high black skirt with a beige tank top. Her dark blue stretchy jog pants felt very soft against the skin of my legs but really, I didn't dwell on it and kept watching the passing landscape.

This was until I started feeling finger tips resting on the back of my knees. I felt shocked at first by being touched by a stranger, let alone a woman. I am 34 but haven't had much sex experience, and never with another woman. But shock started to take the place of curiosity and also... desire.

I think she took my lack of action as an acceptance of her endeavour. The fingers slowly went up along my inner thighs. I could start feeling a warm sensation building in my stomach and between my legs. She then reached the gusset of my panties and rested there for a moment. It was really hard for me to stay composed and not moan out loud in the middle of that crowded train. Her fingers then started to gently rub me through the fabric. It really felt good through the thin cotton of my panties. I knew by now I was getting wet and my undies were getting soaked. My face was flushed red and someone looking at me may guess I was aroused, maybe that other girl a few seats away knew because she kept smiling at me with that look that didn't lie. I was so wet now that her fingers didn't have a problem finding my clit after pushing aside my panties. She was drawing slow and strong circles around it, I could almost feel myself going. After a few minutes of this orgasmic torture, she was able to press her thumb up my vagina and literally finger fuck me while still rubbing my clit. Knowing that only the light fabric of my skirt was all there was between her fingering me and public eyes, pushed me over to one of the biggest orgasms I ever felt in my life. Let me tell you, it was incredibly hard not to cry out and scream in exctasy.

My station was up so I started to make my way out. I turned around and gave the beautiful stranger a big smile of thank you. I hope next time I can be the one seating and return her the favour.



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