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On the Train

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The events of this story happened not too long ago, like just a couple of weeks.

I had flown out to Vancouver for a work related conference, which was to run for a full week. But due to a small fire in the conference centre, it only ran for two days. So, I used up the rest

of my time there and went and visited some family friends for a few days. I also decided, after seeing an ad in the local paper to cancel my return flight home and booked myself on the train for the long ride from Vancouver back to the city I live in.

As I said before I spent three or four days visiting friends before heading home. On the day I was leaving, our family friends wife, Helene, drove me into Metro-Vancouver from their home and dropped me at the train station.

I found the platform it was leaving from and waited for it to arrive. Some thirty minutes later, it rumbled in and when the 'all aboard' call went out, I quickly gathered my stuff and boarded the car I was booked in. As I boarded and gave the conductor the ticket, he looked puzzled and excused himself. He came back a few minutes later and said, 'Uh sir, there is a slight problem, not your fault though. But it appears the sleeper unit you booked has been double booked and the other people are already in it. I am more than happy to give you a free trip to anywhere in the country on one of our trains, if you'd be willing to put up with sitting in one of the seats in the next car.' I thought about it and said 'Sure, that would be fine' and went and found a seat.

Now as it turned out in the end, I had both seats in the row to myself all the way home. Which allowed me to stretch out to sleep or relax. Anyway, I just spent the first day watching the scenery speed by and reading. I went to the diner car and got some food. As I was eating, the train pulled into Calgary and people got off while others boarded. When I got back to the car I was in and my seat, there were two cute girls across the aisle. They had arranged the seats so they were facing each other. Over the next few hours we chatted on and off, but mostly they chatted to each other.

I couldn't hear all their conversation, but whatever it was it must have been naughty or sexual. They both seemed to be fidgeting in their seats and rubbing there crotches. This of course was making me hard and I found myself rubbing my growing erection through my shorts. They both noticed and winked and smiled. That was that, or so I thought anyway.

As the train rumbled through the night, I woke up and thought I heard what sounded like a wet slap and painful moan. I sat up and rubbed my eyes and let them adjust to the darkness inside the car. I looked around and didn't see anything at first, but could hear sounds. I pulled away from the window a little to allow a bit of the moonlight in and that's when I saw it.

Christy, the girl I met who was sitting across the aisle was naked (except her blouse, which was undone) and masturbating. All the while her friend, Kyleen, was right in the seat beside her fast asleep. My god I thought, that's so hot. My cock started to grow again and in a short time was hard as ever and I slid my hand into my shorts and began to play with it. She looked over and saw me and then whispered, 'Go on, take it out and do it, after all you've seen me, so I should be able to see you.' So I sat back against the wall and pushed my shorts and undies down and off. I started to stroke my hard cock and watch her while she fingered herself.

We both continued to play for quite a long time and then seemed to time our orgasms and came within a few seconds of each other. We both rested and calmed down and then cleaned up and dressed again. She leaned over and said; 'Hey, thanks for the fun, I needed that.' I said; 'Well that makes two of us then, I haven't jacked off in like three days till now.' We said goodnight to each other and settled into our own spaces.

The next morning I awoke, and as I headed to the washroom I ran into the conductor, and he told me we were about four hours from where I was getting off. I went in and splashed my face and cleaned up and after taking a leak, I headed back to my seat. I put my sweater on the chair and walked up to the diner car to get some coffee. As I entered and poured myself a coffee, I saw Christy and Kyleen in the corner. So, I went over and sat with them and we chatted again for a while. I finally said; 'Well, if you'll excuse me, I should get back and do some stuff for work,' and got up and left the car.

A short time later and just before we pulled into a small town about an hour from the city I live in, the two girls came back and got their things together. As the train came to a stop, Kyleen said 'Well, it was nice to meet you, maybe we'll run into each other again sometime, we get off here.' As Christy starts walking off, she smiles and winks at me and whispered 'Last night was fun'. Kyleen looked at her with a confused look, but Christy never said anything.

A while later the train rumbled into the station in the city I live in and I packed up all my stuff and got off. I have not seen Christy again since that night, but the thoughts of that night on the train have given me lots of joy while masturbating.

Because of the mix-up with the sleeper unit, I was given the complimentary trip on any rail train travelling anywhere in Canada. It's good for a year. So, who knows, I might just take a trip west and hope to see Christy again, and maybe we can have another mutual session right there in the car with all those other people so close to us.



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