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On the Rock in the Moonlight

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I've been reading this site for a few months now and am happy to have something to give back!


I've always been a very curious girl ever since I discovered masturbation about two years ago. I'm an avid masturbator and while my technique is rather repetitious, I get off as much as 6 times a day, wherever I can.

About a month ago I started going out with my first boyfriend, Joe. I've always been known to be a bit of a prude, but Joe soon found out that I was willing to do much more.

We were on one of our dates when we decided that making out and groping by the exposed lighthouse we were at wasn't good enough. We walked over to a hill and hiked down a small ravine to the lake's edge and both settled ourselves down on a rock.

Joe has never been one to hesitate and soon after furiously battling with our tongues, his hand was between my legs, rubbing gently through my thin yoga pants to where my pussy was already soaking wet. I began to thrust my hips gently up against his hand and he slid his hand down my pants. I quickly stopped him and looked around. The rock we were sitting on jutted out slightly past the cover of dead, late winter trees. About 200m away there was a small lookout point where several cars were parked.

'Don't,' I said quickly, removing his hand from my pants. He shrugged and continued to rub me from the outside until I was so hot I spread my legs wide and let him push his hand against my slippery clit.

It took only a few minutes before I was moaning and gasping for air, writhing in his arms and clutching in an uncomfortable position on the hard stone to his strong body. I could feel the accumulating burn in my lower body, my limbs trembling involuntarily, my body bucking, all signs that I was going to orgasm. As I groaned in his ear, Joe alternated between rubbing my clit hard and fast, and slipping a finger inside of me.

With a whimper too loud for where we were, I came hard around his fingers, my entire body shaking in orgasm, my mind floating away from the cold air and splashing of the waves on our special rock. By the time I floated down to earth, I was lying down on the rock in his arms, my breathing steadying. I was suddenly aware of his lips on mine and the breeze toying with my undone hair.

A vicious hunger took over me. This was not the first time we have brought each other off, but we were still slightly shy sometimes or rather, I was shy. This time, regardless of our public location, I boldly jumped to his jeans where his hard cock throbbed, rubbing it. I've always been a rather auditory person and the moans and groans he made as I massaged his cock through his jeans turned me on so much I thought I might come just from the sound of it.

Joe quickly divested his jeans, aware of my impending impatience, and I took his silky, hard cock in my hand, again surprised at the warmth. An average size, maybe six inches, Joe was thick and not concerned in the slightest at being seen. I began to jerk him off with slow movements, teasing with trailing fingers around the bottom of the shaft and his head, before beginning to stroke in a steady rhythm.

Not soon after, as he always comes fast the first time, his hips began to thrust in time with my hands. He was breathing very hard, his eyes closed and his face screwed up as he concentrated solely on the pleasure from my hand. I felt a tremendous power that made my nipples stand on end and my pussy beg to be touched again. It was Joe's turn, though: with a few final fast, hard strokes, he came, the goopy white liquid shooting out onto the rock and my hand; a bit of it caught my pants.

I kept stroking through his orgasm. At the tail end, his body bucked towards my slower strokes as he choked for breath. We laid entangled in a sticky, wet, post-orgasmic mess for a few minutes until the cold breeze and the insistent slap of the waves woke us up.

I looked at our surroundings and lo and behold, our 'secret' rock was right in the direct beam of the moonlight. Needless to say, I was mortified, the cars could quite clearly see everything we were doing, but Joe simply laughed. We staggered up the hill blindly and promised each other to find a better place next time. We did, but that's another story.



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