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On the Road Again--8

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The Good Old Days


I was reading some of my old stories and the memory was coming back to some other times in my long Jacking Off life. A few in particular. One I will always remember was when I was younger I had to have some lower xray's taken. I was on the table with one of those open in the back gowns on. The xray tech was my age and a doll. I was on my stomach talking to her while she was waiting for the dye in my arm to work. I had half a hardon. When she reached to help me turnover, she grabbed me by my penis, she said sorry about that and I said don't be, at that point I was fully hard. My 7+ penis made a big tent. She smiled and went on with the xray.

Later that afternoon I was at the diner down the street she came and saw me. She said she was embarrassed at what happened, I said it was ok and asked to join me for dinner. We talked about a lot of things, and she asked if I was ok with what happened, joking I said that I was getting hard thinking about it. After dinner she asked if I wanted to take a ride, she would like to finish what she started, she knew what something like that did to a man. We went down and parked by the water and she put her hand on my crotch and said I wasn't kidding was I. She said she wanted to see what she had hold of. I think I had it out before she finished the sentence. When I brought it out she smiled and said you do have a big problem. My 7+ penis was hard as a rock. She said she liked the fact that I wasn't cut, and wrapped her hand around it and started to stroke it slowly, she wanted it to last as long as possible.

I massaged her through her uniform and she was responding to it, but never missed a stroke. She said she came after a few minutes, and wanted to finish me off. Needless to say after about 10 min. I told I was ready to unload. She had some napkins in her pocket and I let it go. She said that she has never done it to a patient before, and wouldn't have done it to me, if we hadn't ran into each other in the diner. She said she had been thinking about what happened all afternoon, and was really turned on by it, she pictured what I would look like without the gown. She said she was going to masterbate to it when she got home, and stiil might later. The next time I had an xray she just smiled at me, and said she was glad that every thing came out ok. She said that things came out ok for her to. We never did anything again, we just smile when ever we see each other. Remembering this story has given me one hell of a hard on, I'll take care of that shortly.

I have Jacked Off all my life and am glad I have a wife that tells me to do it whenever I get the urge. Some of the stories I read on Solo Touch men do it on the sly, so their wifes won't find out. They should tell their wife it is a natural and healthy thing to do. They might find out that they do it too. I will keep doing it as needed. As I'm not getting any younger and some day it might not be able to rise to the occasion. You can never make up for lost strokes.



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