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On the Road Again

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Earlier this year I decided to spend some time in Florida and drove down I75 to seek the sun. I am a widower now and driving alone can be pretty boring at times but, because the sky was bright, the clouds were few and the air was warm, I was feeling good about things. I don't believe that I had any sexual thoughts going through my mind, at the time, but I became acutely aware that at some time during my musings I had managed to inherit a raging erection. I mean this one was something to proud of. Looking at the road ahead showed me a couple of trucks doing the same speed. The rear view mirror showed some traffic a good way back and not likely to reach me for a while. This hard on was being contained in a limited space and just had to be released or repositioned. With the speed control set, and another check of the traffic, I loosened my belt, pulled down the zipper of my shorts, put my hand inside my briefs and took hold of my hard cock. With the air conditioner being on, my hands were cool, and the electrifying feeling was truly wonderful. I stroked it gently, with just the tips of my fingers, and glanced down in time to see a rivulet of pre come form at the end of my cock. My options were few. I could cum all over my hands and pants and continue to drive in an uncomfortable position for the rest of the journey or I could pull over at the next rest area and jack off in the washroom. Neither of these options appealed to me. As horny as I was I made a decision to save it for later and tidied myself up the best that I could considering I was travelling at 75 MPH.

Booking into the motel, having reached my destination, I unpacked and poured myself a drink in order to relax after the long drive. The throbbing in my pants and the fact that my underpants were wet with the pre cum kept reminding me of the experience on the highway. There was no way that I could relax until I got myself off. What follows may sound like somebody's fantasy but I swear that every word is true. I stripped off and lay on the bed. I had casually checked that nobody could see through the window unless they put their face up close and so I did not bother to close the curtains. It was exciting to stroke myself knowing that at any moment somebody, maybe a maid, could pass by and check the room. I probably would have curled up in embarrassment had that happened but the feelings were so great that I was in no position to stop what I was doing at that time. Although I had tried to go slow in order to enjoy the fabulous sensations I shortly reached the point of no return and knew that I was going to cum. At that very moment a young mother, wearing a short beach robe, and her son, obviously on their way to the pool, stopped outside of the window to wait for her husband. I was actually looking at the lower part of her ass when the first spurt came. My own ass must have lifted 3 inches from the bed in one of the most intense orgasms I have ever experienced. I would be telling lies if I told you that I shot ropes of cum onto my chest. At my age I don't do that but there sure was a lot of that stuff laying on my stomach when I finally finished.



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