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On the Ride

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Super site! I look forward to the new stories, and re-read some of the older ones. Hope this one may do it for someone out there!


I am very fortunate that I have a really nice bicycle trail in my neighborhood. It is used by many peorple, but it is also secluded and is big enough that you can find privacy if you want it.

Last week, I had been out on a ride at the trail and had gone about 10 miles. There is a rest stop on the trail, and having gone through a lot of water, I had to stop and urinate. As I entered the mens' room, I noticed another guy about 21 or 22 washing up. I had seen him on the trail before and had always nodded or waved as we passed each other. He did the same.

This guy was a total fox: tall, thin, and muscular and about 5'11' with black hair and piercing eyes. In his bike shorts he had an amazing 'package.' We both finished and left around the same time. Outside, we exchanged names (his was Syvan) and began with some small talk about biking, etc. I found out he was French and here for a couple of months for school.

We agreed to ride together for a while. After we had riden another two miles or so, Syvan asked if I had ever gone off road. We went to a secluded off-trail site and rode that for a while. We stopped and sat in some grass for a water break. Syvan asked if I had seen the little cuttie jogging a while back, and I mentioned that this is going to be a long 'hard' summer. He laughed and said he so wished he could find a girl here as he was getting tired of solo sex. I couldn't believe it, and said, 'Please don't take this the wrong way, but if I was a girl, I'd be all over you.' Syvan thanked me, and in minute he asked if I had ever been with another guy. I know I flushed face, and without looking at him said no, but that I had thought about it a couple of times; I just never had the right opportunity.

Syvan explained that overseas, there is not the same reluctance to be with the same sex as over here. He asked if I would be willing to experiment some. I agreed. Syvan said if I felt uncomfortable to let him know and he would stop.

He reached over and told me to lie back. He then began to fondle my dick through my lycra bike shorts. I was hard in a second. Syvan continuted to fondle me until I arched my hips and slid my shorts to my knees. I couldn't believe I was doing this in the sun in the grass with this hunk. Syvan continued to jerk me off slowly and deliberately. He apparently knew when I was getting close and always slowed down and stroked lower so I could hold off. Finally after about 10 minutes, I started to breathe really heavy, and Syvan picked up the pace. He spit on the head of my dick and stroked me the entire length until I came in several large ropes all over his hand, my chest and balls.

I thanked him, and asked if I could do him. I explained that I had never touched a guy's cock before, so I wasn't sure how good it would be. Syvan said to just make believe I was jerking myself off, and do what I do to make myself feel good. I slid off his shorts, and began to work my hand up and down on his beautiful dick. I fondled his balls, rubbed the inner thighs, and went back to his dick. I never knew it, but jerking a guy off you can tell when his dick swells, and balls get tight, he is about to cum. I did the same as Syvan did to me and slowed down, stroked lower to keep him with me for more time. Finally, Syvan started to pump my hand, and I knew he was ready. I took his lead, spit on his dick, and took him to his orgasm. He groaned, arched his back, spread his legs, and let loose with a spray of cum that shot all the way up to his shoulder.

Syvan and I relaxed for a short time and both agreed that having a jerk-off session with another guy (the right guy) is totally awesome. I know even the girls I have been with have never jerked me off like that. We both pulled up our bike shorts and continued our ride. Although we didn't make plans to get together again, we both said that we would likely see each other again on the trail. And we did. But that story is for another time.



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