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On the Plane

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Love public masturbation!


Lately I've become a big fan of showing off my erections on planes.  Especially on long haul flights.

I hope to hell each time that I'll be sitting next to a good looking girl and every now and then score the best position in between two great looking girls!

I'll sit down for about 30 minutes or so and then get up and grab my tracksuit pants from my bag in the overhead locker and head to the toilets. There I'll take off my jeans and jocks and put my tracksuit pants on. If you're a guy you'll know with thin, clingy, tracksuit pants there's not much left to the imagination, even if you're completely soft.

Even on the way back, I have to concentrate pretty hard not to get hard. I try to give the girls a good look at my arse as I shuffle past them to my seat and sit down, usually with the tray over my lap just in case I get too excited to early. The anticipation is out of control with what I'm about to do.

After a while, I make it pretty obvious that I'm going to have a snooze and put my head back and close my eyes. I try to think about the weather and times tables to keep myself soft otherwise they'd see me getting an erection still awake. I also put the seat back to really show off where my cock lives.

Then about 30 minutes into my sleep I start thinking about my cock and getting hard and imagining someone watching it grow right next to me. It doesn't take long for my seven inches to start growing, getting longer and then starting to rise onto the underside of my tracksuit pants. The elastic is pretty loose so there's really nothing to hold it back from its full length and height.

After a short while (it sometimes takes a while for the chick next to me to see it but the thought that she will keeps me super hard), I hear a gasp and some movement in her seat and if there's someone on the other side, some quiet whispering and I can feel that they're pointing at my hard cock. I'm still pretending to sleep but it's so difficult to do so knowing that some girl is checking out your cock right next to you.

Depending on their reaction I'll keep going for a bit (especially if there's giggles and/or they don't leave their seat) and then slowly pretend to wake up, look firstly down at my hard cock and then to the woman next to me to see if I can catch them either looking at me or still at my now weeping penis.

If I do, I usually put my hand on it and apologize saying I'm really embarrassed. Most girls laugh and say 'No, that's ok, looks like you were having a nice dream!'

'Umm yeah.' I'll reply 'It was umm...a good dream for sure...'

Usually I'll then say...'Umm...excuse me...I think I'm going to have to do something about this problem of mine. I might just pop to the toilet for a sec.'

Most let me go, knowing that I'm about to have a massive wank in the toilets which is a super turn on in itself but once a girl said to me 'Why don't you sort it out here? I won't mind.'

I thought for a sec and then said ok. I grabbed the spare blanket and put it over myself and then simply pulled my tracksuit pants to my knees. Her eyes lit up knowing that my hard cock was right underneath the blanket.

I reached a hand under and started playing with my cock and whenever I thought the coast was clear I'd pull back the blanket revealing everything and watch her eyes stare hard at it with lust.

After a few minutes I whispered I was going to cum and she said go for it but let me see no matter what. I went harder at my cock for a bit and then erupted onto the blanket in full view of her big eyes and open mouth...a super strong orgasm.

I put the blanket back on the spare seat full of my cum and put my pants back on fully and looked at her face.

She thanked me for the show and said she was super wet but too shy to do anything about it. I said it was fine and I was happy doing what I did.

Till the next flight!



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