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On the Phone With Yusuf

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The story takes place in the UAE, just so it's known...

Also, the story leading to this experience is VERY long, so just keep that in mind...


Well, it was a bit of a surprising week for sure. With school work piled up, honestly, I wasn't expecting it, but it was amazing.

So, it starts out with me, Saud, trying to find the motivation to finish my psychology project for college. I'm about to start when all of a sudden, I get a call from a good friend, Yusuf (20). Typical, since usually he calls on the weekends. We start off with an average conversation about courses and what I should do about my apparent confusion regarding my major. I'm an international relations major, but honestly, it's not something I want to make a future out of. What I had in mind however, was to try out and economics minor, to see if I had potential in it, but not before trying out a 300 level economics course this summer.

Yusuf interrupts me right there when I mention my plan and tells me straight up that I shouldn't do that. Basically, he claims that I am more of a humanities kind of person and that I should try an English literature minor instead. To be honest, he has a point, but the problem is is that I don't see much of a point in pursuing a minor in that with the apparent career direction I'm headed for.

After that, we got into a major argument about grad school. On a side note, it's VERY hard to convince me about an alternate viewpoint. It's not that I'm stubborn, I'm just a natural born sceptic.

Anyways; he goes on about his viewpoint while I just nod and smile, thinking about a way to make him happy and quiet. Then that's when an idea hit me, I'll strike up a bit of a wager.

The wager is as follows:

I'll take a 300 level economics course in the coming summer semester. If I do good in the course, there are two possible outcomes depending on whether I like or hate the course. First, if the outcome is liking the course, I get all the bragging rights of saying that I was right, I go for the economics minor, and Yusuf will have absolutely no right to tell me what courses I should take. Second, if I end up hating the course, he gets bragging rights, I take an English literature minor, but he still has no right to tell me what courses I should take. Continuing, if I do bad in the course, there is only one possible outcome, meaning whether I like it or not is irrelevant. Basically, if I do bad in the course, Yusuf gets all bragging rights, I'll take an English literature minor, AND he'll have all rights to advise me on what courses I should or shouldn't take. On a side note, when I say good, I mean a B grade or above, and when I say bad, I mean a B-minus grade or below.

Yusuf liked the idea, but he wanted to add a little more. I was curious to the idea, so I asked him what it was. Basically, his idea was that, if I do bad in the course, I'll have to be his slave for 24 hours, and that 24 hours will be whenever he wants. Also, what he means by slave is that I do whatever he wants. I really liked the idea, so I agreed only if he would be my slave if I do good in the course, regardless of my like or dislike for the summer course. Naturally, he agreed.

Before I continue, it has to be known that Yusuf is gay, and I'm bi. The story will be much more understandable knowing this.

After the agreement on terms of the bet, we started talking about what we would get the other to do if he was our slave. The talk was getting nowhere, since neither of us would spill. Unfortunately, I was the first one to spill, saying that I would just let him go if I win, to see whether or not he would get pissed off. Naturally, he did.

Now, I told him that since I said my idea, he should say his. Basically, he was being really ambiguous of what exactly he wanted me to do, saying that it might be really awkward for me, and that he'd just revel in the awkwardness. I gave out several possible ideas of what he might want me to do, but he said no to all of them. In my mind, I thought, 'What else could there be?'

Then it hit me as to what he wanted. However, I didn't want to just say it. I wanted HIM to say it. All he gave me was, and I quote, 'I'll blow your mind...'

The room I was in was getting hot, really fast. As all sorts of thoughts were rushing through my head, I started to get really hard. So, I just asked him out right if he wanted me for what I thought he wanted me for. Fortunately, I was right. He told me that it's been a while since he's done anything sexy, and that he's always imagined what I would look like down under.

Now, I've got a really good-looking face (not to brag), a thin and toned build, and a pretty good sized cock. Him on the other hand, he's tall, dark, decent looking face, and a really thin build. I haven't seen him naked though, so I can't say anything about him in that way. (I'll save that for other stories).

So, we started talking about his ideas, and we agreed on meeting up tomorrow so we can fool around for the first time, no emotional strings attached. However, my erection wasn't going to calm down anytime soon. Yusuf anticipated this and asked if I was hard. I said yes and he said then asked if I wanted to jack off with him on the phone. I said yes immediately.

For the first time, I was REALLY thinking about Yusuf. He is a very sexy talker when he wants to, and fortunately for him, that kind of stuff gets me going to no end. So, I go around the back of the house for some privacy outside and I get my dick out and going. He starts talking to me in the sexiest way I've ever heard him. Basically, he starts talking about his experiences with other guys, in oh so juicy detail. I was pumping furiously to every second of his talk and I could tell that he was enjoying all the noise I was making. Also, I could hear him moaning slowly on the other side of the phone, trying to get every word out of his story, but failing ultimately. We both got too lost in the moment.

A while passes by with both of us checking up on the other. I was in a totally different world. With my pants down to my ankles and my shirt lost somewhere from me throwing it off, the feeling of the wind and the night air on my body while listening to my friend enjoying himself just as much sent me over the top. I shot far into the grass ahead of me and all over my hand, I made a very loud moan of satisfaction, and I sent Yusuf over the edge with my end. He screamed, loud. After that, I start wishing that I was on the other side of the phone with him to see just how much he enjoyed it. We start talking for a while about the experience afterwards. Thankfully, he still wants to go on with our plans for tomorrow.

Once it happens, I'll let everyone on this great site know.



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