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On the Phone With My Mother!

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My mother, a real nice looking brunette, kept herself up in life and I always found her to be kind of sexy. Not in what she wore but in how she carried herself. She was a proper woman and always looked her best when she was out in public. She was also funny and had a great sense of humor. As I got older she and I got along marvelously and she and I both enjoyed being around one another. Not a lot but enough to keep the continuity of a relationship going. She was a very understanding woman and we could talk about anything and everything.

She and I talked on the phone about once a week. So this particular phone call changed everything about her and my life.

I was listening to her talk about the Monica and Bill news and I got aroused so I unzipped my pants and hauled my cock out and started stroking it. I guess I was breathing rather heavily and my mother pauses and says, 'Are you playing with yourself? ' I said that I was and she gasped and said, 'Do you think you should be doing that with your mother?' I said, 'Well mom you can't see me.' 'Still in all Mike, I am your mother!' She said. 'You haven't hung up yet Mom!' I said. She says, 'Do you want me to hang up?' 'No you being my mother is what excites me!'

'How far along are you Mike?' She says. 'I just now got started why?' 'So you want me to stay on the phone until you ejaculate' 'Yes will you let me?' I said. 'Mike what will you think of me if I say yes?' She says calmly. 'A lot higher than I think of you already Mom!' She giggles and says, 'You're really funny Mike!' 'Well I'm not Jackie Gleason Mom!' I said. She laughs again. 'Do you really want me to stop Mom?' She gets real quiet. 'Do you feel a charge yet?' 'No I took my hand off of it!' 'You did! Why!' She exclaimed.

'Because you're my mother and I shouldn't have even started.' I said. 'Mike that was real neat to say to me.' She says. 'Thanks for being so understanding mom.' I said a little disappointed. 'Michael?' She says. 'Yes Mom!' I said hopefully. 'You have shared something that is very intimate with me and I'm glad that you did. She says. 'Mom if you were mad at me about this you would have hung up on me a long time ago and probably not want to talk to me.'

'This is true Mike, I haven't hung up on you and if you promise me you won't tell anyone and keep this just to ourselves you can finish with what you started, are you still hard?' 'No!' I said. 'Tell me when you're hard again!' She says. After about ten strokes it got hard. 'I'm hard now Mom!' I said. 'Good! I'll help you along with this ok Mike?' 'Sure mom what ever you say!' I said stroking away. 'So Mike how big do you think your penis is?' She says with a slight quiver in her voice. 'Probably eight inches!' She burst out laughing and says, 'My god eight inches!' 'Mom I've never measured it but it seems big to me!' I said happily and totally having a great time.

'If that's true Mike I'd like to see that myself!' 'Any time Mom!' I said. 'You're trying to keep me on the phone as long as possible aren't you Mike?' She says. 'Well it is fun mom and I think you're having fun with this too?' 'Yes it is fun. She says. 'Mom what are you wearing right now?' 'I'm in a skirt and blouse, I'm going shopping with Aunt Edith. Why?' Are you in a slip too?' 'Yes, why' Because I would love to use your slip sometime to put a load into it.' 'Mike I'd let you but I don't want you to stain my pretty stuff ok, you can use a pair of my older panties for that.'

'When was the last time you masturbated? She says. 'Ten days ago!' I said. 'You must be ready to explode by now?' She said excitedly. 'I'm not stroking it right now I'm just looking at it all throbbing and the head of it is all purple!' I said proudly. 'Is there a little drop of semen right now on the end of it?' She says. 'there is mom, how did you know that?' 'because that's what nature does to get a women pregnant. The orgasm is just to let the man know he has completed the sex act.' she says. 'Well thanks for the biology lesson Mom!' She laughs!

'Mike I can't believe how much fun you have made this are you getting closer?' 'Yes I can feel it getting ready!' '

There Mom it's almost there!' 'Ugh Ugh Ugh it's coming god it feels so good!' 'Oh Mike that sounded so sexy, I'm so happy for you!' 'Mom its all over my stomach, gobs of it!' 'Oh I wish I could have seen that!' She says. 'You can if you want to Mom!' I said. 'Well maybe, Mike I'm really glad that I was here for you I really am, I have to go now and lets talk again real soon ok?' Bye



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