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On the Phone with Catherine

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Why not?


This is a Follow-up to Talking to Catherine - Published: July 27, 2013.

One evening earlier this year, I was reading some stories on Solo Touch and feeling a bit horny and most likely going to masturbate, when my friend Catherine called me. I wasn't upset by the interruption--not that I admitted to her then what was in process--as I'm always happy to hear from her. My arousal faded as we engaged in our usual entertaining conversations, and this went on for a while until we got to a point where we were still on the phone exchanging occasional comments, but we were both doing our own things: she playing with her Phone and me returning my attention to Solo Touch.

Well...I started feeling horny again...and I thought why not? It's not like she's never heard me masturbate before--quite a bit, actually--so she probably wouldn't be bothered if she figured out what I was doing...right? But it's not something I'm in the habit of doing, either openly or secretly. I mean, yes, in the past...but not so much any more. And there's a difference between her just not being bothered by it, and her actually enjoying it. Usually, our conversations are platonic and fun, and when we do have candid discussions about sex...well, sometimes I do get pretty turned on, but I don't do anything about it. And neither does she. Not on the phone, anyway.

So, for some reason, this time I was tempted...and I couldn't resist. But I wasn't gonna let on to her what I was doing, if I could help it. I kept fooling with my computer, pulled down my shorts and underwear, grabbed a rag from my headboard, and proceeded to jerk off into it. Apparently, I managed not to give myself away, made no tell-tale sounds, kept my breathing normal, as she never reacted to what I was doing. And it was good, but nothing special just because she was on the phone with me. Sure, if she'd known, been an active participant, that would've been different...but that's not how it was.

Well, with the demon temporarily exorcised from my pants, I was able to refocus on casual matters and the call proceeded as usual. It was over and done with. No slyly dropped hints. And no feelings of guilt, though I haven't been tempted to do it again, either...not yet, anyway.

So, what I'm wondering is, how many of you have done something similar? Masturbated secretly on the phone with someone? Do you feel that it's right or wrong? How do you feel about the idea of someone else doing that to you? Is it something you'd be just as happy not knowing about, or would you rather know, either while it's happening or afterwards? Is it something you've ever fantasized about? What if the person doing it to you is someone you're unattracted to? What if it's a member of the same sex, whether they're doing it casually or with specific erotic thoughts of and/or reactions to you?

Obviously, I'd like feedback on this one. And if you have a story or stories to share, please do. I look forward to everyone's comments, and as always, thanks for reading!

By the way, back in May, I shared the rough draft of this submission with Catherine....



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