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On the Phone

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This started pretty much 1 month ago, when I began to talk to an old friend of my mine who I haven't talked with in 2 years. Our last encounter was when she was I think 13 and I was 15, over the phone. She didn't know what to do and neither did I, so she just told me she wanted to me to tell her what to do. Although I did not know much at that time, I knew that the clit was a girl's 'pleasure' point. So all I said was to rub her clit. and she thought it was great. Well just 1 month ago I saw her online and started to talk to her again. She told me she missed talking to me. I said I did also. I am now a junior in high school and she is a sophomore. We have been talking about what has been going on, you know, the usual. Girlfriends, sports, school.
Well it so happens that she never forgot out first 'experience' over the phone. I of course did not forget either. Just last night we were talking and she told me she wanted to do 'it' again referring to phone sex. She told me what she was doing, rubbing her tits, and squeezing her nipples and tits. Then she told me she was going down. She asked what I was doing and I said rubbing my c*ck and she got excited and moaned. After a while she said she was gonna come and I said I was also.
After we both came she said she was very relaxed. I said I was also. I got an idea in my mind and told her I wanted to be in control and tell her what to do. She LOVED the idea and got excited and told me she was very wet. That excited me even more. After about 10 minutes of talking again I told her to rub her tits, she told me she was and it felt wonderful. Then I told her to rub up and down her stomach and then go back up to her tits and rub them. After about 5 minutes of doing that I told her to go down and rub her p*ssy and just rub around.
This really excited her, I could tell by her breathing and moaning. After that I told her to feel around her inner thighs around her p*ssy and then go back to her stomach and to her tits. Then I told her to put one finger in and go in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb. She was moaning a lot. After a while of that I told her to stop and just rub her clit. She kept saying it felt soooo good. This excited me even more. I was stroking my now very hard c*ck. After rubbing for about 5 minutes I told her now to put it in 2 fingers and go in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb again. She started moaning louder and her breathing increased pace.
She told me she was about to cum and I told her not to. She stopped right before she did and then I told her to rub her tits again and wait a while 'till after she doesn't feel like coming. After about 5 minutes I told her to just rub her clit very fast and cum with everything she had. That's when she started moaning really loud and breathing fast. She told me she was gonna come and I told her 'faster, babe, faster.' She started to really moan now. then I heard her make a long moaning noise and I knew she had come. She told me she shook sooo much when she came. We just relaxed for a while and talked afterwards. She thanked me a lot of times. and said she would never forget this. I told her anytime and said goodnight. I am expecting her call soon.
I don't know if this is an exciting story but I will never forget that night...lol
Well happy masturbating!!
I will keep y'all posted...



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