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On the Night Shift

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When I was in college I worked third shift stocking shelves at a supermarket. In October we got a new employee, we will call her Candy because that was the aisle she worked. Candy was 34, about 5'5', average build, black shoulder length hair, cute face, a nice set (36C I believe), and she was married with two kids. What was best about her though was that she recently moved to the area from some back woods town in Pennsylvania, which gave her a slight southern accent that made everything she said just sound amazing.

Over the next six months we became good work friends, taking break together, and we'd tell each other about everything from what her kids were doing to some wild college parties I went to. On most nights there were 6-10 people working, but on Sunday nights it was usually Candy, the dairy guy, and myself. We didn't get shipments on Sundays so we usually finished early as well. On this particular Sunday the dairy guy called off sick, so it was just me and Candy, and we finished almost four hours early. The store requires at least two employees to be there at all times, so we were both stuck there until the morning shift people started coming in. The first few aisles of the store are a closeouts section that can be filled with anything, and we happened to have some furniture at this time, so we went over and sat down on one of the couches. First half hour or so was just BSing about random stuff, but then it happened...

Candy-'Do you like working thirds?'

Me-'It's alright.'

Candy-'I never get to see my husband anymore. When I get home in the morning he's about ready to go out the door, then he comes home around 5:30 and I leave at 9:30. On the weekends we're running around so much with the kids we never get any alone time.'

Me-'I can see it being hard with a family, but I don't have kids and can shift my sleep schedule around school and my GFs schedule when I have one.'

Candy-'Must be nice, I haven't gotten off in over two months.'

Me jokingly-'Well we got three more hours to kill, go for it.'

Candy-'I don't know.'

We had talked about sex before. I had this one GF who was into some weird shit that I had told her about, and we would flirt, but nothing serious, just friends messing around. I didn't think she was taking my suggestion seriously, just playing along, so I kept it going.

Me-'Come on. There's nobody else here and I wont tell anyone.'

After a small pause she said 'OK', then looked up at me and said 'but you have to do it with me.'

Thinking she was still joking I said 'sure, no problem.'

Then to my amazement she kicked off her shoes, stood up and took off her outer shirt, leaving her in a bra and low cut tank top showing off some nice cleavage. As she reached down and started undoing her belt she looked over at me 'are we doing this or not?'

Me, still a little stunned at what was happening-'um... ye.. yeah'

I just undid my belt and zipper as she dropped her pants and panties to the floor, then got back on the couch with her left foot on the floor and her right leg bent along the back of the couch giving me a great view of her pussy. She was shaved around her puffy lips, but left a little triangle of hair above that pointed to her clit. I was instantly hard at this sight as I pulled out my cock.

She looked me straight in the eye and said 'We are just touching ourselves. I don't want to cheat on my husband, but I really need this.' I nodded.

She licked the fingers on her right hand, reached down, and started rubbing her clit in circles, letting out these sexy little whimpers as she went. I just started with some slow strokes, more interested in what I was seeing than getting off at the moment. She reached up and pulled her top down so that her tits hung over the neck line. Her right hand went back to work on her clit and her left hand dove into her bra, pulling out her right breast. She then started pinching and pulling her now erect nipple.

After a few minutes she slid her right hand down and inserted two fingers, then her left hand came down taking over on her clit. She began breathing heavily and moaning as she pumped herself in and out. Knowing she was close got me going and I picked up my pace. Then her back arched, her fingers stopped, she let out a very loud moan, then collapsed back onto the couch.

Me-'Wow, that was great, I'm right behind you'

Candy-'wait' *pant* 'wait' she said trying to catch her breath as she sat back up. I let go of my cock as she slid over next to me. 'Let me finish it'

She grabbed me and started stroking, her hands slick with her juices, felt amazing. Feeling it coming, I closed my eyes and threw my head back on the couch. I was so close she only made three jerks before I was bursting my cum all over her.

I opened my eyes and looked over, she had a big smile on her face and said 'I changed my mind'

Me-'You sure?'

She motioned with her eyes towards my cock that her hand was stroking back to attention. 'OK, I'll be right back then.' I kicked off my shoes and let my pants hit the floor as I stood up, then ran in my boxers back to our pharmacy section, being careful not to go past any cameras. I grabbed a box of condoms and some KY, then raced back to Candy. When I got back to the couch she had taken off her top and bra, and was spreading a blanket she got from a nearby shelf over the couch. I quickly removed my shirt and boxers, and over the next two hours we had a lot more fun than I can write on this site.

With about 20 minutes until the first few morning shifters were coming in we stopped and got dressed. I took the blanket covered in sweat, semen, and other bodily fluids (good call on that one Candy!) and threw it into the dumpster out back, Then headed to the aisle with deodorant and took a body spray bath to try and mask the smell of sex. I met Candy on the bench up front, and we waited for 10 minutes in awkward silence to unlock the doors and let in the morning people.

Over the next two months we never talked about what happened, just went on like everything was normal. I graduated college and got a real day job, so I told the store I would finish out the current week, since I didn't start my new job till Monday. That Friday, my last night, a few hours into the shift Candy comes walking down my aisle with a sexy look in her eye and a sly little smile. I stood up and faced her, she walks right up to me and I bend down as she leans into my ear. She grabs my junk and squeezes as she whispers 'I'll never forget.' Then walks out the other end of the aisle.

HOLY SHIT that was hot. I went right to the bathroom and got off remembering everything we did that night. Our employee bathrooms are connected to our break room, and as I walked out of the men's room Candy was sitting at a table waiting for me with a big smile on her face. She stood up and walked over to the women's room, as she went in she looked back over at me 'Now its my turn.'

I thought about following her in, but if that is what she wanted she probably would have come in on me, and being a Friday there was seven other people there who could catch us.

I've never seen her since I quit, but that memory is still my go to when I feel the need to play.



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