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On the Local Bus

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My story occurred a few years ago whilst on holiday in Spain with my girlfriend. We decided to head into the main city near our resort for a day's shopping and sightseeing as it was nearing the end of our holiday. We had a good time and bought loads but it was time to catch the bus back to our resort and what we thought would be a 40 minute journey packed in like sardines like it had been on our way to the city. We must have hit things at a good time though as when we got on there could have been no more than 12 people on the bus and we headed about half way back. Most of the others on the bus were up towards the front except for two sexy looking dark haired girls who had also been in shopping for the day who sat in the seats opposite us.

After a little wait, the bus pulled off out of the station and everyone settled in for the journey and we all closed our eyes for a little snooze. I wasn't that tired though and began to look out the window at the passing scenery, I then looked at my girlfriend and noticed tiny beads of sweat dribbling down her breasts into her low cut top under which she wore no bra and through which the shape of her nipples could clearly be seen. I started to get a bit excited and shifted slightly in my seat to get a better look and left my hand drift onto her lap and slide toward her crotch. She kept her eyes closed but shifted slightly in her own seat so that her loose fitting mini skirt rode up slightly higher on her thighs. I had a quick look around but everyone else on the bus seemed asleep so I let my hand creep under her skirt and her panties and I slowly began to caress her clit. She opened her eyes and looked at me with almost a sense of panic as she quickly looked around the bus but she saw that everyone else seemed asleep so I whispered softly into her ear to relax, close her eyes and enjoy. With that she briefly lifted he cute ass from the seat and I pulled off her panties which were already showing the signs that she had already been getting excited. I returned to attend to her now even wetter pussy which was now hardly covered by her skirt as I had pushed it up onto her hips. Her hand came across to my crotch and opened the zip and button of my shorts, pulled them down slightly and began to massage my cock. All the time she kept her eyes closed and had a sweet smile on her face. I was so excited at this stage that I just wanted to get back to our hotel and our big king size bed.

For some reason I happened to glance around the bus and got a bit of start when I noticed that the only person not with their eyes closed in the bus was one of the girls sitting in the seat opposite us. She smiled at me when I looked across at her and mouthed to me 'keep going'. I then noticed that her blouse was opened down exposing her breasts and erect nipples which she was caressing with her left hand whilst her right hand was under her own skirt. She turned towards me and slightly lifted her skirt so that I could see that she had no panties on and that she was masturbating herself whilst looking at myself and girlfriend. I couldn't believe my luck but I was so hot now I writhed and wriggled to contain myself from exploding but eventually I couldn't control myself any longer and I whispered to my girlfriend that I was about to cum and with that I sprayed my load all over myself, my girlfriends hand, thighs and skirt as well as the seat. She then couldn't contain herself and her body flinched and a wide smile broke across her face as she climaxed and my sexy voyeur friend across the aisle wasn't too far behind. By now we were nearly at our resort and we all sorted ourselves out.

As we were getting off the bus I let my girl friend go first, the second girl from across the aisle went next, then my voyeur friend and finally myself. My friend stretched her hand behind her as she moved down the aisle and stopped briefly as if she had forgotten something and put her hand on my now once again erect penis and opened the zip of my shorts and gave my tool a gently squeeze, with that I put my arm on her waist and gently pulled at her skirt so that it exposed her beautiful pert bare bum. I let my penis pop out from my shorts and gently pulled myself close to her so that my penis gently felt her warm skin and traced the crack of her ass. But that was that, all this took about 30 seconds and we sorted ourselves out again and made our way off the bus. When she got off she turned to me and said thank, and headed off in the other direction with her pal and I never saw her again but I often do think about that day. My girlfriend is now my wife and I later told her the whole story and although we tried to see if we could be lucky enough to provide a repeat performance we have never managed to do it. I suppose you only get something like this to happen once, but we can dream.



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