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On The Job

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I was on the net looking at porn movies; they always get me good and wet. I can't watch the full length ones though; because they cost money or you have to sign up and heck I'm only 13, so that is a no go with me. Then the phone rang and it was a lady from down the street that I have known a long time. She asked me to baby-sit for like two hours, so I said yes, having not much to do.

When I got down there the girls and I started to play a game of hide-and-go-seek. Then we had a snack, which we ate sitting in there living room. the chairs were kind of like these round swoop ones, that go down in the middle and then the sides go up, being wider on the outside. So anyway, I was sitting in one and the middle-aged girl (there are three of them) sat with me. She was like on the seat between my legs, because they were spread and hanging over the sides.

I was still horny and I could feel my wet panties. I wanted to get off with her so bad, but knew that that would be wrong, because she is only seven. I kept adjusting myself though, almost grinding her or pushing my pussy against her groin area. I said I had to go to the bathroom because I was desperate to please myself.

I ran up to the bathroom, pulled my pants down, pinched my nipples a few times and felt my pussy get even wetter. I felt it tingle a little also. I then went straight into it and I rubbed so hard I came in less than 30 seconds. I was imagining the porn movie I had seen earlier that day. The guy was doing anal and the girl was moaning because she was coming. Her boobs were swinging as she was on all fours and then she came. With that image in my mind it helped me cum.

It was a strong orgasm. I was sitting on the toilet with the lid closed, bucking my hips and making groaning noises. Thank the lord they were all on the floor below me. As I started to cum for the second time I made sure that my juices were spread all over my clit and pubic area. I inserted my index finger into my dripping pussy and started to fuck myself. I came again and again I was in there for probably 10 minutes coming and coming. I had a puddle of cum in my hand, so I licked it all up and then pulled my pants up. Feeling my wet panties next to my satisfied pussy felt good. It made me a little horny again, within a few minutes.

I was dying for some more but resisted until I got home, as I figured that if I waited the orgasm would be stronger. When I finally got home I rushed to my room and thank the lord there was a note from my mom. She and my brother had gone out to run a few errands, so would be back in a few hours. I went into my room and then went to work. I stripped my clothes and then started to pinch my nipples until my breasts were hard and my nipples sore. I sucked on them too, as I rubbed my thighs and stomach. My clit was throbbing and my pussy was wet with anticipation.

I lay on my bed and started to lean over a pillow to hump it. As my pussy touched it, I almost came then and there, so I lifted my butt into the air to stop my self. After I calmed down I went back to it. I started humping the pillow like mad, making out with it and rubbing my breasts at the same time. I finally came and started to buck my hips and moan louder than ever, getting off real good. Then I flipped over and started to fuck my self, coming for a second time. I rubbed my sore clit and came hard. I gathered my juices in my hand and rubbed them on my breasts, before licking them off and then starting to fuck my finger again.

The cum exploded all over my hand, I was amazed I had my hand there in a second to gather and then lick it off my fingers. I had to get a toy now, so I grabbed an old tooth brush and started to fuck the end of it. It felt good but different when I switched to the bristles. I used them on my clit and came immediately. Next I put my panties back on and then made my self come by humping a chair. I came again with a lot of juices, this time all over my panties.

It was now about 9:30, so I decided to go to bed and my mom was just getting home. I slipped on some boxers and a tank top then turned out the light. She came in and thought I was asleep, so left the room. I drifted into a deep sleep with the sounds of moans in my head and thoughts of wet panties touching my soaked pussy.




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