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On the Hills

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It is his fault really. Since he has turned me into a highly sensuous woman, he can hardly blame anyone else.

After those long evening phone calls, with the hint of indiscretion ever in the air, he must have known I would do something like this.

I am wearing my favourite cotton summer dress, my white one, although now, as I sit and write this, it is wet, although not, perhaps in the way you imagine. In style there is something of the pagan about it, and, of course it is practically transparent if the light catches it just right. I would never have worn it without a petticoat.. until.. HIM.

So perhaps it isn't surprising that I am wearing it now, and totally naked underneath. But I get ahead of myself. I had worn it to work like this knowing full well that some of my fellow workers would catch a glimpse and know that I was naked underneath. That, you see, was the point. Oh, the delicious anticipation of being seen, and the eroticism when I caught someone staring who would then go off to the bathroom. Where they? Oh, I DO hope so!.

And finally, me.

Finishing work at 2:00pm today and taking the drive into HIS village, to the little country lane that leads up over farmland and onto the hills.

Each step away from my car felt more erotic than the last and by the time I was high enough to see HIS house, I had the whole world to myself. I stood a while, with my feet slightly apart enjoying the feeling of the breeze between my legs. I heard voices, young, female voices, but that is not surprising as there are stables nearby. It makes me chuckle. All those teenage girls who love horse riding so much. And why should they not? It is not every hobby that allows one to cum in public so often. (I should know, I spent my teenage years straddling a horse).

The voices subside and I begin. I reach into my top and pinch my hard little nipple. Little, because my breasts stopped growing when I was 13. I barely fill an A cup. But what they lack in size they more than make up for in sensitivity. Ohhh how they feel. Now, of course, I am wet. I lift my dress almost carelessly. My smooth sex exposed to the sun. How HE would love that. I reach between my legs. Oh my, this will not take long at all. I begin to caress myself dipping a finger into the soft moist folds again and again. I feel myself writhing with buidling pleasure.

I sense, rather than hear something near me. I look back between the shrubs that mask me from the stables. For the briefest second I thought I saw a head duck out of the way, but perhaps it is my imagination.

I return to my vagina. (Today, it is my vagina, not pussy, not cunt, today I feel whimsical)

I press my finger inside myself and feel a sudden wave of sadness that it is not HIM inside me. But still, I know there are things I can do alone to please HIM. Again, I look over my shoulder. This time, I catch a little blonde hair being whisked from my sight. I turn back and smile to myself.

After another gentle probing, I hear it again. This time, I don't turn around. I merely say. 'I'm going to turn around now. Would you like to watch me?' I turn slowly and look into her face. She looks late teens? I don't know. It is so difficult to tell these days.

She stands there in her riding jodphurs with her riding crop in her hand. How I would like to make use of THAT. Still, another time perhaps. She knows I am naked under my dress so I move my hand away and walk towards her. We walk together into a more secluded spot. Not what I really wanted, but never mind. I stand in front of her as she sits on a log. 'Do you want to watch?' I ask again. She nods. 'You can watch, or join in, or do yourself. Whatever you need.' She nods, poor thing... so nervous. I begin to lift my dress but decide now that there is little point, so I shrug it from my shoulders and let it fall to the ground. I stand before her naked and watch her eyes travel over my body. They stay riveted on my vagina. I turn slowly, allowing her to see my tattoo, then back to her.

I begin to concentrate on what I so badly need. Her knees are so tightly clamped together. I don't know if she is trying to stop some feeling or gain some. It is quite funny really. I lean back against an obliging tree and spread my legs wide for her. I close my eyes and am quite into it when I sneak a look at her. Her jodphurs are down by her feet and she has cute little knickers on with puppies on them...and a large wet stain visible. Her hand is in the material working at her own pleasure. I say to her 'Take them off. Show me.' She stands, looks around and eases them down. What I see is a fully haired vagina. She sits down and spreads her legs and rubs her clit. I join in with mine. Then, when I judge the moment right, I say 'Oh, I'm going to cum now. Do it with me. Cum with me.' She obliges in a series of little moans and gasps. I cum too, but I am not finished with her quite yet.

She sits still, knickers around her ankles and those silly jodphurs, (only worn because of the well placed, and double stitched seam) have been discarded. I kneel in front of her. 'Will you do something for me?' I ask. She nods. I know that at that moment, I could have asked her to lick me, or for me to lick her. She would have agreed even to letting HIM screw her, she is still highly aroused. 'I want you to stand up. (She does) 'Now, let me take those knickers off you.' (She permits it, and I find that they are wet almost totally. She must have been highly aroused during her ride and catching me hasn't helped. They are damp quite high around both back and front and the secret part between her legs is uttely soaked. They feel slick and slippery and smell divine. But that is not what I want from her.

I reach to her hips and draw her to me until my face is opposite her tummy. I can smell her for real now. I look up into her face, her eyes wide with wonder and anticipation. 'I want you to pee all over me. Just relax and let it all go.' I do not wait for her answer, I break eye contact and let her see me close my eyes. I lean my cheek against her mound and wait. Then, after an agonizing few seconds I feel her let go and my dress is blessed with her sweet, golden benediction. As she pees, I press my finger inside her from behind, not far, for she may still be a virgin, but far enough to feel her press back against it and her flow increase. I feel it run down between my breasts and between my legs. I begin to become aroused again. She is in a little rythym now, although her flow has stopped. She is close and I know what will get her there. I continue the gentle fingering and then, when I judge the moment right, I circle her clit, hard, just once. It is enough.

After, I help her dress and she walks away from me. I kneel in my wet dress, and then allow my own stream to mix with hers on the forest floor.

I rise, and walk home.



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