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On the Fence

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When I was a little kid I used to masturbate by rubbing on things. I had a tree in the backyard that I liked to climb, and would lay on this large limb and hump it to climax. I was too young to know what I was doing, but I loved the feeling it gave me, and I'd be so spent afterwards that I would almost fall out of the tree. That tree wasn't the only thing I humped; anything that I could reach to mount was fair game.
We belonged to a community pool and I spent a lot of my time there in the summer. Back then the boys all wore speedos, and even as a little kid I enjoyed looking at the bulges in front. Especially when a boy first got out of the water, I could see the outline of his penis, and I could tell there was a wide variety of sizes and shapes.
I was probably about 8 years old when I first started using the fence that separated the wading pool from the main pool area as a masturbation tool. After watching boys' bulges for a while, I'd feel the urge to masturbate, and my penis would get hard and feel really sensitive. This fence was made of wood, and the top rail was just about the height of my crotch if I leaned into it. I'd drape my towel on the top rail, then lean into it as though I was just standing there, and slowly rub myself on it. I had to have great self-control, since I could be easily seen, so had to rub slowly. It would take me probably 10 minutes, then I'd feel my orgasm coming on, and I'd push harder, and wham, it hit me in waves. Something about doing it in public made it better than at home, and I always came very strongly.
I thought that no one knew what I was doing, but one day I found out differently. One of the other boys who I watched quite a bit walked up to me while I was doing it and said, 'I know a way to do it that's even better.'
I was surprised and embarrassed, but immediately curious. He went over to the wading pool and got in. It was only a couple of inches deep. In the center was a jet that squirted straight up, and he lay down on top of it. He just lay there with his head on his hands and a smile on his face, and I could see him moving his hips slightly over the jet. He did that for about 5 minutes, and then got a tense look on his face, and his entire body tensed and shook. He closed his eyes in concentration, and had a satisfied look on his face. After he relaxed he got up and walked back over to me, with an obvious little boner in his suit.
'Now you try it,' he said, and I did. I lay down on top of that jet, and man, it felt great. I had been working on the fence for a while, so it didn't take long before I was shaking with my little orgasm. It was great.
That was the end of the fence; I used that jet frequently, sometimes several times a day. So did he, and we often lay side by side taking turns on the jet. I also saw other boys using it, too. I had always been looking the other way, and hadn't noticed. Also, one of the mothers of the little kids in the wading pool area would sit on top of the jet, and from the way she was holding herself, I could tell she was getting off like we did. That is the first time I realized that girls could masturbate, too, and it was fun to watch.



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