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On the Edge

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I lay in my bed, naked, reading stories on here and start to contract and release my PC muscle. I do this for awhile while reading stories and getting my cock really hard as I gently caress it with my finger tips. I've been at it for about 45 minutes, caressing and slowly touching the underside of my cock. Pre cum is leaking out my head as I wipe it with my thumb and taste myself. I start looking up some vids to masturbate to and I find one I like. I've been hard for about an hr at this point and as I watch the video, I do some PC squeezes but hold them longer. My cock head gets dark red and my cock gets so hard that the veins start popping up. I do this for the length of the video which was about 10 min.

At this time I'm super horny so I look up the next video and start stroking lightly as I'm watching it. I'm so horny and wanting to cum but I wanted to try one of my edging session. I grab my cock on its sides with both hands, three fingers each side, and stroke up and down. I find this technique lets me edge longer as I don't really stimulate the head other than the upstroke sometime. I did this for awhile till I could start feeling an orgasm building and stopped for a little to look for another video. I continued on with another video and the feelings started getting stronger so I slowed down to enjoy the pleasurable feelings. I could feel my pulse through my cock as the feelings got stronger and stronger and I slowed down even more to take in the feelings.

I slowly stroke up and down as the feeling of an orgasm is right there but I'm careful not to go over and my cock head feels like its about to burst as my cock is fully ridged. My heart is racing but I control my breathing as every stroke continues the strong feeling of an orgasm. My cock twitches with every heart beat and contractions deep in my pelvis make my cock jump as I stop stroking. My precum is oozing out, down my shaft as I want to cum but don't make myself as I start up stroking again lightly and slowly to keep this feeling going. I keep on for a few strokes as I feel I'm about to cum so I stop and squeeze me PC muscle hard as I feel some contractions but don't orgasm. I get some small cramps in my balls as my cum slowly circulates back into them like blue balls but without the pain (I don't mind the feeling actually.)

I stop for a little to let things subside as my penis is on the verge of cumming if I touch it. I look at the clock and an hour as passed of me masturbating and edging. When my cock gets flaccid I start back up again and get hard again in no time and I did this for the next hour and half. I was getting so close to cumming and actually stroke myself ever so slightly as my cock would get hard and my head would stay engorged. I could feel small contractions as the feeling of cumming was right there and at this point my cock was aching from the constant PC squeezes. My body felt like it went though an orgasm when I had not even cum. I lay there in pure bliss with my raging hard on and precum all down my shaft. It was late at night and I was tired so I decided to go to sleep when I realized this whole ordeal was three hours long and I didn't even cum.

I was amazed and proud I could control myself in this way and drifted off to sleep. Sometimes a good masturbation session doesn't have to end with a full blown orgasm, as I enjoyed being on the edge and having those feeling sweep over me for hours. Even after I woke up the next day, I woke up really hard and throughout the day I could feel this little tingle throughout my cock. I realized too that my erections were stronger that day.



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