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On the Bus

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Unexpected experience


On a resent trip from one city to another, I (Jim) had to take a bus before I could continue the journey by train. This was an unexpected turn of events. As I was relatively tired of exploring the surroundings, I was mildly agitated. With no choice but to continue, I tried to find a good seat on the bus at about eight thirty the evening.
Unfortunately, most of the bus was already filled with middle-aged people and some children. There was just a five seats at the rear of the bus near the toilet. An opening next to a guy (Greg) in his late twenties seemed the best choice to shorten the boring trip. A little to our right, a young guy and his girlfriend was getting settled in their seats.
We (Greg and myself) quickly got engaged in a lively discussion about the local beaches and eco activities available in the region. Suddenly the two and a half hour journey seemed to turn out for the better. We were on the high way by now and the bus was dark by now with most people trying to sleep.
As the air conditioning was a bit overactive, I grabbed my jacket and used it to cover my upper body and my legs. Greg adjusted himself and his right knee pressed a little harder against my leg. As I didn't see my girlfriend for more than a week, this physical touch shoot a shiver through my spine. I felt my cock stirring, but I didn't move. Greg just increased the pressure and I was hard in an instant. For a while we kept talking with the atmosphere thick with expectation. I realized I had to react in some way. I decided to touch his leg. He responded by grabbing his jacket and placed over himself in a similar way as mine. His armed crossed mine and he started to massage the inside of my thigh and I was super hard and almost shivering with excitement.
My eye caught the girl's eye to the right of me across the aisle. Her boyfriend was sleeping against the window. For a moment I froze but as I felt Greg's hand moving higher I became even more excited by the situation that there's over people in the surroundings.
I started to massage Greg's thigh and he explore my straining bulge. Then I decided to go for it and withdrew my hand to unzip my pants. At that moment a fat guy passed us on his way to the toilet. Frozen again for a second, I managed to release my throbbing cock from the constrains of my jock strap. In mean time Greg done the same and we continued to explore our hardons. He found my some precome and started to stimulate my head. I massaged his balls and the area just before his ass.
Just then the fat guy exited the toilet and made his way to his seat and we retracted our arms. Frozen again, I looked the other way and the girl to my right caught my eye again and she smiled. I tried to respond.
We quickly resumed our action and we started to wank each other. His action was smoother than mine and I was compiled to stop him to prevent myself from coming. I continued to work him with my left hand until he stopped me. Then he resumed to wank me until I exploded in his hand and he just hold on to my cock until the throbbing subsided. I resumed wanking him until he came and I spread his hot come very delicately on his abs.
We cleaned up with our shirts, tugged it in and shortly there after we arrived at our destination. We just smiled at each other and left the bus to head for the train. As I left the bus the girl who sat at my right smiled at me again. To this day I don't know if see realized what we were doing or not. I never saw him again but surely had many wanking sessions since then while enjoying those memories on the bus. Is it a new sexual outlet for me? I don't know but I surely enjoyed it and I try not to have guilt feelings about it.



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