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On the Bus

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Almost 10 years ago, when I first started teaching, I was asked to be a bus monitor for a school trip. A group of our teenagers was headed to an event and needed transportation to the venue. The ride was a little over an hour and they only needed to be dropped off, then the bus driver and I would bring the bus back to the school.

We dropped the kids off and I sat down in the empty bus for the trip back. I was tired, so I slumped in my seat, propped my knees against the back of the seat in front of me and closed my eyes. I was ready for this trip to be over. My fiance' was waiting for me to get home and the weekend was ahead of me, just an hour away.

As the bus began to move and pick up speed I started to feel my pussy awaken. I was surprised and I shifted in my seat, uncomfortable with the idea of being turned on while in a school bus. Moving just increased the sensations and the tingling didn't stop.

The vibrations of the moving bus travelled up the seat and down my legs to my crotch. I felt myself begin to get wet. The seam of my pants was firmly pressed against my clit and every slight movement sent shivers down my spine. I could feel my heart rate increase and I folded my arms over my hardening nipples.

As each mile crept by, the sensations increased. By now it had been almost a half and hour and the entire time I had been enjoying continuous vibrations on my clit. I began to rock my hips slightly and I arched my back, leaning into the pulsing feeling that travelled through my body. The tension continued to build, bringing me to the edge, until my legs began to shake. The driver was only a few seats in front of me and I knew I couldn't make any noise or he would know. The idea of getting caught was terrifying and yet it turned me on.

Was I really going to cum on a school bus? Sure, the kids were gone, but something seemed so wrong about that. It just felt so good. I was soaked and I could smell my juices wafting through my jeans. My pussy was begging to be touched. I imagined my fiance' pounding me with his big hard cock and I felt myself become more and more turned on until I thought I would go insane. I needed to cum. I didn't dare risk helping myself along with my fingers, so I just sat there, letting the orgasm build. I was shaking and holding my breath to keep from crying out. The feelings were so intense!

Suddenly, we hit a pothole and the bus lurched. This pushed me over the edge and I began to cum. I thrust my hips into the orgasm and bit my lip, trying to remain still and quiet so the driver wouldn't look at me. Wave after wave of pleasure flooded through me and I thought it would never stop. The vibrations continued to travel down my legs and I finally had put my legs down and grip the edge of my seat to dull the intensity.

I had two more orgasms on the bus that night, and when I got up and walked off the bus my legs shook and I had to grip the handrail to help myself down. 'Did you sleep well?' the driver asked me. He smiled and gave me a wink. I was mortified. He knew! I mumbled yes and rushed to my car feeling terribly embarrassed and yet still so turned on. I have never cum on a school bus again, but thinking of that trip still gets me off.



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