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On The Bike Path

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I sent in a story a while back about how much I enjoy masturbating while instant messaging. Well, I still love doing that, but I also like to watch a guy stroke himself until he shoots his cream, and that's what this story is about.
I often use a bike path that leads to a public park. One day I was using the path, and it was very hot so I decided to stop at the park for a few minutes to have a cool drink. I chose a part of the picnic grove that was pretty secluded. The picnic table where I sat had a wall of bushes around it. After a few minutes I heard some noise on the other side of the bushes, and I looked through them and saw that another biker had pulled up.
As soon as he got off his bike, he started slowly rubbing his crotch, paying special attention to the head of his cock. I figured that during his ride something must have gotten him really horny so he needed to play with his contained meat. Well, seeing him rub his straining lump like that got me so hot that I had to undo my bra and massage my boobs under my shirt. First I rubbed my palms over my nipples, then I started to caress each big breast with my hands. I gently squeezed each one and then went back to playing with the nipples until they became erect.
I kept watching the biker. What he was doing must have felt good because his hands started to move faster--as did my own! How I was wishing that I could see that gorgeous erection exposed; thinking about it was getting me wetter and wetter. He started rubbing his whole crotch area with both hands so he could get at both his cock and balls. It looked like he was going to rub a hole in the spandex, and his cock grew even bigger.
Pretty soon his raging hard-on started to jump, and I could see his cum-filled balls straining through the material. As he continued to rub, cream started to bubble through the fabric, and I thought he was going to cream his shorts. This thought made me so hot that I had to reach down into my own pants and finger my juicy pussy. It felt so good that I had to spread my legs so that I could get at myself better. So here I sat on a picnic table with my clothes on and my left hand playing with my tits while my right hand reached into my pants and played with my wet, swollen lips and clit. By now, my thick bush was completely soaked with my juices.
I saw the biker look around to make sure nobody was in the area--he still couldn't see me! Then he couldn't hold back any longer so he pulled down his shorts and exposed his huge glistening cock and balls. His fully rigid cock had to have been about eight inches long--swollen and leaking precum. Seeing his ready to shoot hard-on was too much for me. I pulled down my own shorts and panties and started to really rub my juicy pussy. How I wished I could stroke his sexy meat. I was fantasizing about what it would be like to sit on that gorgeous pole of his and move up and down, or take it in my mouth and suck it until it filled my mouth with hot cream. Not knowing he was being watched, he really jerked it as fast and as hard as he could. Soon he started thrusting his hips and his slit started to spew sperm--gallons of it. He squirted and squirted trying to empty his balls.
Seeing him cum put me over the edge. I fingered my now exposed swollen lips and clit and then pushed my finger in and out of my hole. I could feel my pussy tingling and the tension building. As I rubbed my nipples, I kept moving my fingers over my soaking wet pussy, and the wetness started to make a squishy sound. All I could think about was cumming. I knew I was on the edge of orgasm, and I shut my eyes as I felt wave after wave of contractions run through my pussy. I let out a moan, but he didn't hear me because he was in the middle of his own orgasm.
When he finally finished, he put his sticky but soft cock back into his shorts and rode away. I noticed white cream all over his black shorts, but I guess he didn't care! Little did he know what a great show he had put on for one female and what great masturbation material he had provided her. Every time I think about this experience I get totally wet.



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