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On the Beach

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A few months ago, I had to go on a short business trip to attend a conference for my job. Normally, the thought of having to go to one of these bores me to death, but this year it was in Florida, so I actually looked forward to the short vacation. My company sent me for three days, and since the seminar was on the first afternoon, I had the next two days to myself.

When I got there, I couldn't believe it. My hotel room was on the first floor, right there facing the beach. It almost looked like a movie setting, with the palm trees all around the building and the edge of the sand right off my patio.

The first day, aside from the meeting, I spent the whole day in the hotel, relaxing, sleeping and ordering room service. Since it was all inclusive, I didn't even bother looking at the cost. Hey, I had to sit through three hours of some boring guy talking about crunching numbers, so I figured the company owed me. The second day, I went and did some shopping, took a couple walks along the beach, laid out by the pool and drove around a little to see the landscape. That night, I crashed kind of early, so naturally, I woke up a little earlier than normal.

The next morning, for some reason, I felt hornier than normal. I don't know if it was from being wrapped up in the soft, hotel blanket or the warm air outside, but my vagina was practically begging for attention. I tried to pass it off, ordering breakfast and taking a long shower, but despite all of that, the itch wouldn't go away. Deciding to go ahead and masturbate, I went to shut the drapes on the outside door, but suddenly had a really naughty idea. Why not masturbate out on the beach? No one knew me there, or would ever see me again, and my flight was in a few hours, so why shouldn't I live a little?

Giggling, I went back to the bathroom to shave my legs and give my pussy a quick once-over. Checking myself in the mirror, I thought I looked pretty good and decided it was time. Wearing nothing but a towel, sunglasses and flip flops, I walked outside and onto the beach. Even though it was kind of dead out there, being a weekday and all, I still found a private area by the brush. Looking around to make sure anyone wasn't paying attention to me, I unwrapped the towel and laid down. It felt amazing, with the sun beating down on my dark brown skin and the warm, damp air blowing all over my body. For a few minutes I just enjoyed it all, until a strong breeze blew between my legs, making my clit stand at attention. Spreading my legs wide, my hand worked down to my crotch, first tugging at my pubic hair, and then pinching and fondling my clit. After a few minutes, I didn't even care if anyone saw me, as I was openly pulling apart my lips and probing my vagina with my fingers. I could feel my orgasm coming, so I started working faster. Rocking from side to side, my breasts were heaving back and forth, my frizzy hair was in my face and I was biting and licking my lips sensually. And then it happened. I came with such a force that I for sure squirted. I dug in my heels and arched my back as my orgasm kept flowing.

Finally coming down from it, I curled up into a ball for a few moments, glowing in pleasure. Feeling total bliss, I spread back out, smiling and rubbing the bottoms of my feet on the beach, rolling the sand between my toes. I must have stayed there for 10 minutes before it dawned on my that I was completely naked on a public beach with no clothes at all around me. Carrying my towel, I tried not to attract any attention to myself as I walked back to my room. Only the sound of my flip flops slapping my soles would cause anyone to glance over. I was almost inside, when I heard a little voice say 'look, she's naked!' My eyes got wide and I tried not to look over as I jumped into my room and threw the drapes closed. Feeling such a rush, I jumped onto the bed and masturbated again to another powerful orgasm.

With my flight in a few hours, I took another shower, got packed and basically hid out in the room for the rest of the time. Wearing the new sun dress and sandals I bought the day before, I figured no one would recognize me from my little beach adventure. I was right, as no one in the lobby even batted an eye. Driving back to the airport, I was still very horny, but I resisted the urge to pull over and masturbate again. I did however, go into the bathroom on the plane for a little solo 'mile high' action.

If next year's conference is there again, I may even volunteer!



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