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On Par

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yep, it's one of those shower jack off things.


This story is true and happened last year in May. Let me also say, that I am not gay, I'm bisexual. There's a difference.

Anyhow, on with the story. I am a golf fanatic. I am a member of every club within a 100Km radius of my house. My boyfriend is also a golf fanatic. This is the story of how we met.

As I said earlier, we both like golf, and that is how we came to meet. I was out at the driving range one morning all on my own when my current boyfriend (we didn't know each other then) situated himself on the tee next to me. Unlike my mother, I didn't engage total stangers in conversation, but when I hit a shocker and cursed it, he decided to talk. I mean this was a terrible shot. 200 yards is my average distance covered, but this shot barely surpassed 120. So anyway seeing as there was only me and him there, I let off a couple of swear words and he chuckled and said something like 'quite a vocabulary you got there.' I was quite offended by this comment seeing as I have a vocabulary that would rival the english teachers here at my school. I decided to rebut using such words as pessimistic, cretin, laissezfaire and sartorial. I later acknowledged that I was being a bit sapient, but I didn't tell him that until we were a couple.

Anyway, it was getting warm but for some reason I refused to take off my jumper. I don't know why as I was being cooked alive and probably lost half my body moisture through perpiration. My boyfriend (I just realised I hadn't named him yet so his real name is Kyle) was also sweating heavily. After we had both hit about 200 balls, we decided to turn it in. We headed to the showers (I don't know why there were showers at the driving range, it's like having showers in an examination hall).

We continued our idle chit chat about golf when I noticed he had a boner. Seeing this also made me get a boner. As we both had boners, seven inches each, the conversation steered into sexual waters. We chatted about all the usual sex and masturbation blabber, when he finally asked if it was alright if he masturbated. I was shocked but I said alright, but don't expect me to come to your rescue if you get caught by the staff.

Kyle thanked me and started pumping and moaning. This got me horny so I started to do it to. Kyle said he was going to cum, so I thought what the heck, reached over and started pumping to no end. Kyle squirmed to no end as his cock vibrated in my hand. he was really moaning now and was talking dirty like 'oh fuck yeah, my cock feels so good.' And 'my orgasm is bursting the top of my dick open'. I began to get the same feeling as my cock swelled and twitched.

In the climax of the moment, Kyle started thrusting his cock into my hand as if it was a pussy and started to shake uncontrollably. He gave a kind of whimper and shot his seed all over the place. My chest, the floor, everything.

As he orgasmed, his hand squeezed my cock, causing me to also climax, showering my seed all over Kyle.

We rested for a few minutes before taking stock of where we were. I got up and helped him up and we finished our shower. We continued our fun at the golf course and driving range for another two months, till we actually started dating. Ever since, it's been utter bliss.



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