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On Holiday

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When I was 12-nearly-13, I went on a holiday: it was me and my parents, plus another family who had a daughter about fourteen-we weren't really proper friends but we hung out sometimes when our parents met up. Anyway, we shared a room. On one of the first nights, I could hear her moving about under the covers, and as I lay really still I realised she was doing 'it'... I could see her knees raised up under the covers and hear the sounds of her moving her arm in rhythm. It got me *so* turned on that I started doing it too, and I didn't even try to be that subtle as I figured she'd started first! By the end, even though we hadn't been moaning or anything, I think it was pretty obvious to both of us what was going on... so I just let out a little 'Mmmmm' when I was done and started giggling and then she followed suit!

Anyway, as the holiday went on, we didn't try to hide it so much... a couple of nights later, we didn't even do it undercovers (it was *so* hot-the temperature I mean. Well, both ways actually!) although it was really dark, you could still see-and we made a bit more noise. Afterwards, because it was so obvious, we started talking about masturbation-how we did it, how it felt, how often we did it, what we thought about, all kinds of stuff really. Of course, this got us totally horny again, and I remember slowly rubbing my clit while she told me about, well, how she learnt to rub her clit. I remember looking over and seeing her doing the same, and the conversation sort of tailed off... but then the girl got up and sat on the end of my bed so I pulled my hand out of my panties but she just said 'I'm going to lie with you' and laid down next to me under the sheets and started touching herself... I could feel her leg rubbing against mine, so I started going at it too. We even carried on our conversation while we were doing it to make it a little less awkward... 'Sometimes I, uh... do it for... mmmm, like an hour' 'Yeah... it.. ahhh, just.. feels.. really good' And our breaths were all shaky, and we gave up trying to talk and it was just the noise of us writhing under the covers and hands rubbing our pussies... I came first and then lay on my side to watch her, and it looked-wow, amazing, so so hot! she just murmured 'ohmygod katy, I'm cumming...' and bucked her hips in the air and screwed up her eyes and her legs were shaking and then her whole body curled up in pleasure. Then she rolled over so she was facing me and we giggled about it for a while, totally covered in sweat and girlcum, and fell asleep right there. When I woke up in the morning, she was lying on her stomach doing it again...

and uh yeah, so it went on-the more we did it, the hornier we got, and the more we did it. It was pretty much what we did on our holiday and we were always laughing in front of our parents who had no idea what was going on. We'd do it just in the middle of the day in our room. We'd race to see who could cum first. I dared her to do it on the hotel room balcony and she did. I showed her the pillow method-we looked like two people on a horseride each on our own bed, straddling and grinding our pillows, moaning out loud-and she showed me the water method by holding the showerhead against my clit while I squirmed with delight. And yeah, a bunch of stuff. It was a good couple of weeks.

I don't see her anymore though...



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