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On Edge

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It's been almost three days since I last wanked, and so I was really looking forward to it last night. I recline back on my bed, slowly rousing my dick while reading some old stories here on Solo Touch. I pull back my foreskin to find a small drop of precum already on the tip, which made sliding my foreskin back and forth really smooth. Within seconds I was fully 5.5' hard.

After a few days of not wanking my dick sometimes gets this almost tingling sensitivity, as if in anticipation. Last night was exactly that. I stroked my penis slowly, pulling my foreskin back and forth, revealing the purplish-red head. Every now and then I would slow down and just play with my foreskin. Man that feels good, tugging it, pulling it back all the way, and pulling it forward and pinching the tip. I could feel the muscles at the base of my dick starting to tense, readying themselves.

I get near the edge and back off, taking my hands away, my dick twitching in protest. A drop of precum beads at the tip and I milk a little more out. My dick was so sensitive now, the head, the frenulum, and the inside of the foreskin made my dick twitch so badly, even a little stroking could send me over the edge.

I lightly massage my dick with my fingertips as I continued to read more stories. I could feel the precum and cum welling at the base of my dick. I tug and pinch my foreskin just a little and suddenly realized I was ON the edge. I pull my foreskin back all the way so I had a good view. I let go and watch my dick harden even more, the head bulging and becoming redder, and felt precum rise up through my dick like mercury up a thermometer. With slow gentle pulses, not the contractions of ejaculation, mind you, precum began to flow like a stream out the tip and down the shaft. This continued for a good 5-10 seconds, and after a little while, it began to have some cum mixed in, turning a bit white.

My penis was rock hard, begging me to finish. I oblige. With my left hand, I pull my foreskin to the base of my shaft, stretching the skin tight with my sensitive inner foreskin pulled over most of the shaft. I scoop up my precum-cum mix with my right hand and smear it all over the head and shaft and began to stroke slowly using it as lube (I normally don't use lube, but fresh precum/cum makes the best lube).

'Oh my God, this feels so good!' I gasp. I feel it start, a strong contraction deep in my groin and felt the rush of cum rising quickly through my dick and exploding out the tip. The first shot landed in the middle of my chest, the next near my belly button, and the rest shot a little further out and dribbled over my dick and hands.

I continue to slowly stroke a little, basking in the afterglow. I take my hands away and my dick is still contracting and pulsing like small aftershocks. I lay there for a minute, my penis still rather hard and pulsing to my heartbeat. As I wiped up with a small towel, the post-orgasm sensitivity set in. I pull my foreskin forward over to protect the overly sensitive head (definitely a plus of being uncut). I turn over and try to get some sleep, though my dick is still hard and probably capable of going a second round . . . but I'll save that for next time.



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