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On a Warm Summer Night

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One of the most erotic experiences of my life happened with my wife sitting right next to me.

It was a warm summer night, four of us were sitting around the picnic table talking. My wife was next to me and a couple that we were friends with sat on the other side. I sat across from the wife and my wife sat across from her husband.

They had dropped by unexpectedly that evening. I had come out of the shower wearing only cutoff jean shorts as it felt too cold indoors with the a/c on. We were all barefoot and my friend Jake and I were also shirtless.

Soon I felt a foot moving along my lower leg, I knew right away it was Elaine, Jake's wife. She was staring at me, carrying a normal conversation about kids, work, etc. This in itself was arousing. Then she sort of put her feet under my leg that was farthest from her husband to lift it, soon I got the idea that she wanted me to put my foot on the bench along side her hips, but since the bench was under the table no one could see anything. Then she began to give me the best foot massage ever! Mostly she had both hands under the table but occasionally rested one hand on top. She was clearly an expert, I have never felt anything so sensual, so erotic, it was amazing. I mimicked what she was doing to me, reasoning that if it felt good to me it would also feel good to her.

Then she surprised me again when rested her other foot in my crotch and proceeded to press against my quickly hardening cock. I had to stop massaging her in order to discreetly reposition it to give it the space it needed to grow. She pressed and released for quite a while, then withdrew and was able to get her toes into my leg opening far enough to touch my balls. She tried to get to my dick, but it was too pointed up and she couldn't reach most of it, but kept up the movement anyway.

Of course I tried to do the same to Elaine, but her shorts were much tighter and I couldn't get in at all, but went back to rubbing a toe across her crotch. She moved closer, which I interpreted as a request to push harder, so I did the same pressing she had done to me. This went on for quite some time, and I could feel the wetness from my pre-cum but also had to use the bathroom due to the refreshments we had been consuming.

I announced that I had to go inside, and she gently withdrew her foot from my shorts. I turned away as I arose in an attempt to hide my erection even though it was dark except for the light from a candle on the table, but my wife and Jake were having an animated discussion and didn't glance in my direction.

It took awhile for my boner to subside enough that I could finally pee, and when I came out Elaine was sitting in the living room. She had gone to the other bathroom and didn't have to wait to pee like I did. She had her legs spread pretty far, and since there was more light inside I was able to notice a wet spot the size of a quarter where I had been rubbing her. She must have wanted me to see that I was arousing her as much as she did me. She then stood and we hugged each other tightly which led to some very passionate kissing, another first, or at least something that even my wife doesn't do frequently. Instantly, my hard on returned, and I heard the outer door close, so we disengaged just in time to avoid getting caught. I'm not certain if anyone noticed the state we were in, but Jake announced it was very late and since we had gone inside it was probably time to go.

As soon as they left, my wife and I had one of the most satisfying nights ever. She probably wonders what got into me.

I was hoping for an encounter another time, but that opportunity has never presented itself.



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