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On a College Tour

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this was an experience I had wanted for a long time


I had been jacking off on my own since before I knedw what was going on. Family life class in 7th grade was a real eye opener. Anyway, one thing that I really, really wanted to do was jack off with another guy. The idea of holding another guys cock in my hand was just such a turn on. Well I had detassled corn all summer with some friends of mine, and they would tease John about 'being able to move fast.' One day I asked his friend Dave what that meant. He said that John's sister and a friend had walked in on John one day while he was jerking himself. Now I knew who I could jack with. I just had to find a time. The time came in the strangest way. I was a junior in high school, and he was a freshman. Our church youth group went on a tour of colleges in the south. One night we stayed at a particularly strict school. The girls and guys were, of course, very separated. We hung out in a dorm room playing cards with some of the other students. That night John and I shared a room, with one of our chaperones. He was deaf (literally) and a heavy sleeper. I got to talking with John and asked him (he was above me on a bunk bed) about the 'Moves real fast' thing. He lied about several reasons for it, and finally I said, 'What, did they catch you jacking off?' He said yes, and we started talkikng about jacking around- how often he did it, techniques we used, what got him hard. By this time I was totally hard and stroking myself slowly under my blanket. I knew this was my chance. I said, 'It's been a while since I jacked off and all this talk has got me really hard. Do you mind if I take care of it?' He said he didn't; so I pulled down the blanket and started stroking. I was massively hard, about 6 inches and moderately thick. A minute later I asked if he wanted to join me. He said yeah, and I heard him start. A minute later I stood up with my gray sweats around my knees and asked if I could see him. The lights were off, but the street lights outside were plenty bright. He brought down the blanket, and there was my first- and only- sight of a real man jerking his cock. It was beautiful. We just sort of stared for a minute while he pulled on his dick. Then he said, 'Can I jack you off? Les and I do sometimes.' I could have fallen over. Yes! That was just what I wanted. I said yes, and he reached off from the top bunk and wrapped his hand around my cock. Oh it was great. He started to stroke gently. I asked if I could touch him, and he said yes. I put my hand on his dick and stroked it. He wasn't as hard as I was, but it felt awesome. Another guy's dick in my hand! But with him in the bed and me standing on the floor, the bed made noise and we were afraid we'd wake up the chap, even if he was deaf. John climbed down and stood next to me. We were both wearing gray sweats down around our knees. We leaned up against the wall and stroked each other for about the next ten minutes. I didn't want it to end, so any time we got close I'd take a break. He was kind of amazed by how hard I was. He didn't get that I was that hard over him. I jacked him until he came, sort of spurts and dribbles, and he sighed. As I got nearer to shooting, I wanted to make sure that I could cum how I wanted to. I took over and as I came I shot my cum about 3 or 4 feet across the room. John just stared with big eyes. We cleaned up and went to bed. Talked about it a little the next morning and about doing it again, but never did. We are both happily married now.



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