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On a Bus

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I'm straight.. I swear!


I was in London last week and found myself on a packed bus. People standing and wedged in there pretty good. I was in one of those single seats you get on some buses and my right hand was on the hand hold of the back of the seat in front. Next to me was a tall dark haired girl with piercing green eyes who seemed to be engrossed in her book. The bus was humid and when it rocked or went over a bump, her lower tummy pressed against my hand. Then I noticed pressure even when we were at a stop. After a while I realised she was pressing her mound against my knuckles. I stared straight ahead and my mouth went dry and my heartbeat sped up a treat. There was no doubt, but her flushed face she was getting off on this.

I don't know why I suddenly decided to do this, but I dropped my hand down off the hand-hold to my side, which, of course, put it between her lower legs. I inched my way up applying the slightest pressure between her knees. Her coat was open and the next thing I knew I had my hand travelling slowly up between her thighs until I came to a very damp pair of panties. For a while, I stroked her gently over the material and she responded with each touch. Then I think I got a little cross. She was getting off on this but I wasnt, so I think I wanted to embarrass her a little. I tugged her panties down over her hips. First one side then the other. I thought she would stop me but instead she let me work them right down her legs until they literally fell at her feet. I snatched them off the floor and stuffed them in my own coat. Then I went back up between her legs. Totally smooth.. no stubble, just soft wet pussy lips. I pushed a finger up her and used my thumb on her clit.

I kept up a pretty good rhtyhm although my arm and hand ached a bit. Then I felt her cum. Strong rhtymic contractions around my finger and a sudden increase in wetness. No doubt, I had made her cum into my hand. Almost as soon as the aftershocks had stopped the bus pulled into a stop and she walked away and got off.

I sat there breathing real hard with my fingers and hand wet with another girls pussy. I didnt know whether to feel grossed out or to lick her off me.

In the end I remembered I still had her panties. I took a quick look. Pale green bikini hi-cuts. DDamp and warm in the crotch.

So my stop came and I hurried off to my little flat. Once there, I stripped naked and THEN I licked my fingers and jilled off finally sucking her panties as I orgasmed.

I felt soooo fucking HORNY. I found myself wishing she had peed on my hand. Wierd. I have never thought of stuff like that as sexy before, but her panteis had a faint hint of pee to her scent and, well, it just worked for me I guess.

So... what now? Am I bi and never knew it? I wonder if any other 'straight' girls like me have had a 'one off' or similar?



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