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Older Women

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I have always loved older women.


I have always loved older women. This is probably because my first sexual experiences involved a much older women. My first real experience was when I was 16. There was a woman next door and she was a friend of ours, mostly because she was a neighbor. For several weeks one summer a friend of hers came and stayed there visiting. I can't remember if they were cousins or old school friends or what.

Our neighbor still had to work every day while her visitng friend stayed at the house. I had a job cutting my neighbors lawn. I had already been introduced to this visitor next door. Anyway, after cutting the grass she talked to me for a long time.

The next day I was out in our yard and she saw me and said hello. We talked a bit and she asked me over. She asked me if I had any girlfriends. At that time I didn't. I asked her if she was married and she said no, she was divorced ... and that she was 47. She said she got quite lonely at times. I was naive but I didn't know what she was talking about really.

She told me that a young guy my age must have plenty of hormones running wild. She was coming on to me and I didn't even know it. She was OK looking but I certainly wasn't having any sexual thoughts. She asked me if I could come into her kitchen and get a large bowl down from a cupboard. I said sure.

In her kitchen I was leaning over the counter trying to reach the shelf in the high cupboard and she leaned against my backside. It kind of surprised me when she said 'that feels good!' I retrieved the bowl and placed it on the counter and turned around and she leaned into my front side and said 'oh boy, you do feel good.' She just stayed leaned up against me looking into my face. She said 'I remember when I was your age ... boys could get a hardon in a second!' I was floored, but thats all it took for my dick to start rising in my pants.

She could feel it as she leaned against me and she said 'there you go ... that really feels nice.' And she pressed her pubic mound tightly against me. She actually started grinding against my hardon. Then she whispered ...'can I jack you off?'

She didn't even wait for my reply. She started unzipping my pants. Oh my gosh, my dick was super hard and throbbing as she pulled my pants down around my ankles. She said she was terribly horny. She said she hadn't seen a dick in over a year. She kissed me as she started jacking me off. I didn't even try and get her undressed. I was cumming in about 30 seconds!

At that age one can re-load and go again in record time. She asked me if I wanted to see her breasts and she took her shirt off. She let me suck and feel her nipples. Within about 15 minutes I was ready for round two. She again jacked me off.

This was probably a week into her visit when that happened. For the second week of her visit I went over every day and she jacked me off. After that first time, she got completely naked every time. She had the hairiest pussy I had ever seen ... and all I had ever seen were in magazines. In fact, I thought it was kind of gross it was so hairy, but today I love hairy pussies, and I have loved older women ever since that first experience.



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