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Older Sisters Friend

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This is a true story. Seeing this changed my life dramatically.


This happened in 1970 just after I turned 13. My sisters best friend used to come over and spend the night a couple times a week. She was 17 and a real looker. My brother who was three years older than me used to talk about what a hottie she was. She used to sit on the floor indian style and we would play poker with her and my sister. She would also do this in her night clothes. Usually a babydoll top with bikini panties. Now when she would sit on the floor cross legged you could see the dark patch in the front of her panties along with some of the hairs sticking out of the sides. I don't know if she was teasing us or just never gave it any thought because she thought we were harmless.

There was a death in our family and my brother and sister wanted to go to the funeral but after having seen my mothers funeral when I was six I didn't want any part of it. So my sister asked her friend if she would come over and stay with me while they were gone. She said she would be glad to help. So on the first night after supper I went outside to sit on the porch and play my guitar. It was summer time and I noticed some lightning off in the distance. As I sat and played I heard a commotion in our tool shed I went to investigate and my dog had cornered a huge rat. I grabbed a shovel and smashed it. As I was leaving I looked up at the light coming from the kitchen window. Now the light in the kitchen was off and you could see as plain as day through the kitchen and into the bathroom. We lived in an old farm house and the bathroom didn't have a door. So I watched as my sisters friend was starting to unbutton her blouse, after that her shorts, then she reached behind her and unsnapped her bra. She was beautiful, her breasts were perfect her skin was flawless and she had these tan lines that just looked like a white bakini top.

She unsnapped her shorts and slid them down and then she was looking in the mirror at her face removing her makeup. She finally stopped fiddling whith that and slid her panties down. Holy shit, those tan lines were so white and then she turned around and she had the thickest jet black bush I had ever seen! She started digging through her purse and she pulled out this round brush that she always brushed her hair with and it had a handle about six inches long. So she sat down on the toilet lid and put her feet on the sink which was directly across from the toilet and proceeded to shove that hairbrush handle in her pussy. She just started off slowly but in a matter of no more than five minutes she was really going to town. I had never seen anything like that in my life! She must have been really horny because she suddenly went stiff and I heard the lid to the toilet tank scoot off towards the back of the toilet. Her ass came completely off the toilet lid and only her upper back and heels were supporting her. Her legs started to shake and I heard her moan real deep. By that time I had almost pulled my dick off and never lost my hardon so I just kept on going and busted another nut, man to be young again.

I hurried up and went back around to the porch and was just sitting there trying to catch my breath and strumming my guitar. She opened up the front door and said time for bed so I went in. Later that night the storm arrived, it was raining so hard we had a tin roof on our house so it was really loud. I slept on the top bunk and was just lying there and it flashed lightning and she was standing in the doorway of my bedroom. She walked over to the bed and said are you scared? I said no it's just a summer storm. She kept standing there making small talk and when it flashed again I noticed she didn't have any panties on. Her babydoll top came down to just the top of her bush. As soon as I saw that BAM I was rock hard again.

Well she must have noticed my tent. She came right up to the side of the bed and started rubbing my chest with her hand. I never slept with a t-shirt so all I had on was my underware and since it was summer and we didn't have any airconditioning and it was humid as hell I was just laying on top of the covers. So she kept rubbing my chest and going lower and lower until she stuck her fingers in my underware and pulled them down. I raised up so she could do it easily. Now as I said I was only 13 then by only a few weeks, and I wasn't hung like a pornstar but I was a good 6' long and hard as Chinese arithmatic. She was really getting into it and asked me if I would like to sleep in her bed. And true to my wiseass nature I said OK but where are you gonna sleep. She just laughed and said with you stupid. And boy did she! After that when she would spend the night we would get up in the middle of the night and go at it on the livingroom floor. She showed me everything that I would need to drive the girls wild. So from the seventh grade on I had all the pussy I wanted, my sister became very popular after that. I found out later that girls talk to each other about how good guys are in bed and I was rated tops in my school all because of my sisters friend.



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