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Older Sister

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Older sister
[Here is my submission. This is the first time I have told this story to anyone. Please sign me as "willing little brother" I wrote this in response to another one of your contibutors..]
 I had a similar experience with my older sister when I was 18 and visiting her in New York, she was 28 at the time. I used to watch her bathe when I was about 10 years old and then would go into the bathroom and Jack off in her panties that she had put in the hamper. Unknown to me she knew that I was watching and she used to masturbate herself knowing that my cock was getting hard while playing with her panties and watching her.
When I got to New York we went out to dinner and a bar and she got me pretty tipsy on Gin and tonic. She had to help me back to her apartment and help me into bed. When she pulled my trousers off her hand casually glanced across my soft cock and she tried to see if I was awake. I faked being asleep or passed out and she continued to play with my cock while fondling her breasts. My head was turned to one side and I could open one eye and see quite clearly into a mirror next to her bed without her knowing that I was watching her every move. My cock started to grow to its full length of 8" and it is very thick about 6" around, she was slowly pulling on the head and fondling my balls gently to make sure she didn't awake me( Liitle did she know I was realizing a longtime fantasy of having her jack me off). She slowly removed her sweater and was sitting there in her bra and pants fondling my now very hard cock. She got up and removed her skirt and panties and then sat back on the bed wearing the bra and starting to finger her now wet pussy. I could smell the wet juices from her pussy just as I had when I was playing with her panties as a little boy. She would lightly stroke my cock and then play with her pussy all the time still wearing the bra. I wanted to see those lovely breasts as I had when she bathed and I peeked on her. Her bra size was 38 C and I still fantasize about the length of her nipples and the swollen areola around her nipple, they were and still are perfect ( Thats another story).
She soon began to reach into her bra and squeeze the nipple and eventually took both breasts out of their bra cups and squeezed the nipples tightly while moaning lightly. I was by now near my peak and didn't think I could hold back cuming any longer but just when I would get near an orgasm she would stop stroking and begin to fondle her now dripping pussy. She got very close to me and stradled my legs lightly rubbing her wet pussy up and down on my calves and eventually up to my thighs the whole time fondling her tits and gently rubbing her fingers up and down the head of my cock. Precum started to flow and she swirled it around the tip of her finger and then put her finger in her mouth. I was now so excited that I started to moan and move and she would back off fearful I guess that she would wake me up!! Ha HA if she only knew or did she know that I too was faking it?
She continued to rub her wet pussy up and down against my leg and soon was breathing heavily and near an orgasm. She stroked me harder now and soon we both came in and flurry of cum and pussy juice. I shot so long and hard that it landed on her breasts and some on her cheek which she seemed to enjoy greatly as she rubbed it all over her breast and continued to lick it off her fingers and breasts.
She got up pullled the covers over me and left the room. The next morning we talked about my getting drunk and passing out and she asked how I felt. I told her it was a great night and I felt fine and I looked forward to more nights like that if that was the feeling you got from a hangover!!
We have had a few more incidents since that time, but those are another story.



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