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Older Neighbor Fun

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I'm 31 and single. I live in a condo with lots of fun neighbors. Among them is a lady who is 62 years old. She is single too and she is tons of fun. I never thought I could be attracted to a woman that old but I've changed my mind. Older people can have lots of energy and sexual appeal.

She mingles with all of us younger people at the swimming pool and at some of the nearby night spots and I got to know Ruth very well. One day when we were at the pool recently she mentioned something about all the younger guys paying all their attention to the younger women and how sometimes she felt like the odd person out. I told her 'no way!' I told her I thought she was very attractive and how much I really enjoyed her presence. She beamed when I told her that.

I had already noticed her figure being very nice for someone in their sixties. Her legs appear firm and she looks good in her swimming suit! Walking back from the pool towards our respective condos last weekend she asked me if I wanted to drop by for a refreshment. 'Sure!' I said.

Inside her condo we stood around her kitchen counter talking. I asked her if she had a boyfriend because I had never seen her with anyone. She said 'are you kidding? Who would want this old bag!' I said, 'come on now. I think you look great.' Again she beamed. She came right out and said 'you know how long it's been since I've had sex?' 'No ... how long?' I asked. 'It's been three long years for me.' she replied.

At this time I could see where the conversation was possibly headed. Again I checked out her body, as she was still standing there in her swimming suit. 'Not bad' I'm thinking. Involuntarily I started getting a boner. I thought I'm just not going to try and hide it and see what happens. Soon my suit had a good seven inch protrusion that was impossible to hide. Grasping for something to say I said 'well it hasn't been three years for me, but it has been at least three months.'

I'm sure she saw my protruding swimming suit. She smiled and took a couple of steps and squeezed up against me giving me a big hug. I couldn't help but bury that thing hard against her groin. We just stood there swaying back and forth, my super hard dick brushing back and forth and over and over her pussy mound. 'Oh my gosh that feels wonderful' she whispered in a quivering voice. I turned my face towards hers and we had a long, wet, passionate kiss as we ground each other harder. I slipped my hand up her bare back and released the clasp on her top and it fell free as I slipped my hands up under her cups to find two wonderfully soft breasts and two nipples that felt hard as corks. She let her top fall off her shoulders and drop to the floor.

As I sucked her nipples her hand fell to my huge bulge and she started feeling me. My right hand dropped to her bottom and I slid my hand down her suit bottom to find a slippery wet pussy covered in trimmed wet hair. My fingers worked her sluice and found their way up inside her. By now she was pulling my suit down to my knees, and I stepped out of them. She also stepped out of her bottoms.

We continued to stand, our mouths locked together, our tongues exploring each others mouth, our totally naked bodies tight together. It was hot.

I dropped my hand again and continued to work her pussy and she started jacking my dick. She said, 'let's get more comfortable.' We went to the couch and we kind of half sat and half laid. I said 'you have an incredible body. I want to have a good look at your pussy.' She laid down the rest of the way and opened her legs fully wide for me. Oh my. I never thought a 62-year-old body could look so good. Her pussy lips were naturally splayed open and her clit stood out a good inch. Subconsciously I took my hard dick in my hand and started stroking it as I looked at her. 'Ummmm, you like masturbation, huh? So do I' she said. She placed both hands to her pussy and started rubbing her clit and inner lips and occasionally fingering herself with three fingers all the way up to her knuckles. My dick was throbbing as I watched her. I told her how beautiful and sexy she was and she thanked me and said 'you're not so bad yourself. I love your big hard dick.' I said 'Oh, baby I could jack off everyday looking at you naked.' 'Ummmm, I'd like that very much' she replied. 'Yeah, I'd love to watch you spread your legs and finger that hot pussy for me everyday and I'd love to shoot my cum all over you every chance possible!' 'Me too' she passionately moaned.

It didn't take too long. Within about five minutes I was ready to cum. I tried to jack slowly so as to make it all last longer but I gave way. I stood beside the couch and splattered hot cum all over her chest as she started heaving with her orgasm. It was wonderful!

When it was all over and we made out some more and she told me how excited she was. This was the first sex for her in ages. I told her I meant what I said about becoming a regular masturbation partner and she said she meant what she said too. In this past week since last weekend we have masturbated together on four different days. We have done each other and we have done ourselves with each other. It has been a totally amazing week and I feel it will last a long time. We both love the rawness, the naughtiness, the legs wide open grittiness of the whole masturbation experience. It must be rare to find someone like this. I am so glad I went to her condo last weekend!



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