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Older Neighbor

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Age 23 at the time of this story


When I first moved to Adams, which is a city in metro area of another large northeast city, I noticed my next door neighbor immediately. She lived on her own and was in her early 40's, tall and slender, long curly reddish hair, and a absolutely amazing face. I had a girlfriend at the time when I moved in, and had some crazy girlfriends in the past, so I was a little nervous to make a move on a lady that I shared a wall with.

After about a year of living there, I became pretty good friends with her. I would hang out with her in her apartment about once every three weeks or so and she would make me drinks, and we would sit and talk and drink, sometimes until two or three in the morning. Although, I had by then broken up with my girlfriend, and knew that she was lonely and interested, I still never made a move for fear that once something happened I would never be able to bring a girl back to my place.

One Friday night she noticed me coming home early around 10 and stuck her head out of the door as I was about to go into my apartment. She asked if I wanted to come over for a drink, she said that she had had a really long day and wanted company if I wasn't busy. So I agreed and we went into our normal routine of sitting on her couch talking.

She had told me that the romantic prospect that she had been talking to had recently admitted to her that he was married. Not crushed but I could tell she was disappointed. And out of nowhere, she said 'I was really just looking forward to getting laid for once', We laughed, and I told her, 'well that's why god made porn'. This sparked a smile on her face, then telling me that she could sometimes hear me watching porn through the wall on the other side of my computer. I sheepishly laughed, admitting 'well who doesn't like a little porn from time to time'. I could tell that she was enjoying this conversation as she said that she didn't have a computer and it was a hassle to go rent one every-time she wanted to masturbate. The sex talk continued, and I had a noticeable bulge in my pants that she had no reservations about staring at.

After about 20 mins of this, I told her while looking down at my obvious hard on, that I should probably retreat to my apartment before I rip a whole in my pants. 'going to watch porn' she asked. 'well this thing doesn't go away on its own' I responded. 'you want to come over and watch with me for a few mins?' I asked. 'Absolutely, I haven't seen one in a while'

So we went next door to my apartment, I quickly rummaged through my collection, and put a good passionate sex scene on for us both to enjoy. I sat on my couch and she sat in the chair at a 90 degree angle from me about three feet away. A little uncomfortable at first, but after the first few mins, we started to talk about how we liked the different positions that they were in, or commented on how we liked to be rub or touched.

After about 10 mins or so, she asked 'you would be masturbating if I wasn't here, wouldn't you?' with a large smile I said casually 'most likely'. Smiling back she said rather seductively 'well don't let me stop you'. I told her that I would if she was going to. she casually said 'sure I am game'. I promptly stood up and took my pants off, then stopping to remove my socks and giving her time to catch up. she pulled her pants and underwear off in one swoop, which prompted me to quickly pull my boxers off. I could tell she was not expecting this night and had a full bush of dark red hair, which I found to be really hot. I started to stroke and realized there I was, less than three feet away from a woman almost twice my age masturbating in my living room. I was in heaven.

At first we both causally watched the tv while we went at ourselves. I looked over and kinda politely asked if she wouldn't mind taking off her shirt, and mentioned that I always wanted to see her completely naked. That was the rock that broke the flood gates, as she stood up and promptly took off her shirt and bra, she pushed the chair so it was facing me and started telling me how hot it was to see me masturbating. From that point we never noticed the porn again, and just put on a show for each other. After she sat back down, her chair was practically touching the couch I was sitting on, she put one leg on the arm of the chair, and I was now inches from a full view of her rubbing and fingering her beautiful crotch.

I slowed and waited for her to cum, twice as it may be, and was less than concerned as I watched her amazingly wet pussy drip down her bush and on to my chair. I had never seen a full bush that was that wet from self lubrication. Little by little I watched as she got wetter and wetter until it look like she had just stepped out of the shower she was so wet. At one point she even apologized and said it had been building up thinking of all those times she could hear me next door doing this on my own.

As she was just coming down off of her second orgasm, I asked her how she wanted me to cum. 'I would really like it if you wanted to cum on my pussy'. A little shocked that she used the word pussy, not to mention that she was asking me to cum on it, her saying that sent a surge of ecstasy through me, and pushed me over the top. I stood over, leaned with one hand on her chair, and exploded all over her. The first splash actually landed on her neck, with me finding better aim with the rest, splashing her already sopping wet crotch with my cum she was furiously rubbing herself with her hand absolutely covered in my cum, and her wet bush was covered in my thick hot cum. It was all over her crotch and hand, sticking and dripping as she slowly slowed down from her frantic clit rubbing. Then spreading around my first shot that hit her on the neck on her boobs and chest, she was a beautiful wet mess.

She then gave me a kiss, put her panties on, that immediately soaked through as we both looked at them and laughed, then finished getting dressed and went back next door.

We made this a regular routine, and we both liked being friends which is why I think that we never had sex. But she was most definately the best neighbor I have ever had.



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