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Older Man and Woman

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I'm 62YO 6' 4' weigh 295 and she is 64 yo 5' and weighs 102lbs.


I met Betty in a convenience store where she worked. I often stop there on my way home from work to get a cold drink. She works the afternoon shift. We visited casually several times and were on a first name basis. One afternoon she was cleaning at the fountain where I was getting a cold drink so I struck up a conversation. We talked the weather and so forth. We visited for about 10 minutes and I asked her if she was married. She said no. Then I asked her if she had a boyfriend and she again said no. Then I blurted out how do you take care of your self sexually? As I asked the question (and I don't know what came over me) I turned red as a beet and she flushed and whispered 'with a vibrator'. Then I boldly asked, 'Would you be interested in a mutual masturbation session with me'? She looked shocked and said 'I'll have to think about that for a while' and walked off.

Two days later I stopped to get a cold drink and she was again cleaning up and making coffee at the coffee bar. I said hello and walked to the fountain. She followed after a minute and we struck up another conversation. She said that she had been thinking about my question and thought it might be interesting to try.

She works the afternoon shift and so we made a date for Wednesday morning at her house. She said that when she was married she always preferred morning sex. I was thrilled... Wed couldn't come fast enough.

I showed up at her house on time. Knocked on the door and waited and waited and was about to leave when she finally answered the door. She sheepishly invited me in. I could tell that she was nervous and so was I. Stepping inside I asked her if she was having second thoughts. She said that she was and almost didn't answer the door. I told her we should just visit for a while and then I would leave. She agreed. We talked about the weather, her husbands, and her divorce her children and grandchildren, my grandchildren... after about a half hour our conversation turned to sex. I told her I hadn't had real sex for over a year because my wife could care less. She chuckled and said that she had been divorced for over 5 years and had not been with a man since the divorce. I reached over and gently touched her leg and said OMG it's been 5 years for you. How do you stand it? She said maybe I should show you how I stand it. I was shocked at the comment because up until now she showed signs of great anxiety. I said that I would love it.

She stood up and took off her t shirt and bra. I couldn't believe what I saw. For a 64 year old woman she had the most gorgeous tits that I have ever seen. They were not big and she had tiny little areolas that were perfectly round and her nipples were hard and stuck out a full 3/4 of an inch. My dick was so hard and pulsating on its own that I almost shot my load right there on the spot. As she unbuckled her pants and let them drop to the floor I saw the most beautiful pussy I have ever seen. Again I damn near shot my load. She just stood right there in front of me as I looked at her hairy pussy. Her hair was golden brown streaked with gray... what a beautiful sight. I could see that her lips were swollen and could see her clit poking out. It was huge.

She asked: 'how do you want to do this?' I said that I would love to watch her then she could watch me. She told me to take off my pants so she could see my rod. She sat down on the couch spread her legs and started stroking her clit very delicately at first and then she got into it with one hand on her clit and the other with three fingers shoved up her pussy. I couldn't believe the size of her clit. For such a small woman her clit was about a one and one half inches long. It was fucking fantastic watching her stroke it. I had never seen a woman stroke her clit and fuck her pussy like she was doing. I watched and could hardly contain myself as I witnessed the juices flowing from her pussy all over her hands. After watching for what seemed an hour she started thrusting her hips up in the air, closed her eyes and came. I could not believe the sounds that came out of her as she hollered OMG I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming. She bucked and moaned for over 5 minutes and then slowly stopped stroking her swollen clit. After she caught her breath she looked up at me and smiled... its your turn. Sitting in front of her as I was I asked her if she wanted to do me... she said I was hoping you would ask but said that she wanted me to do her again before she did me because she liked to have multiple orgasms and thought that I was probably only up to one... I laughed and agreed.

I moved over to the couch and started slowly stroking her clit. It was hard wet and wonderful. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes and started moaning OMG over and over again as I stroked her clit. I asked her if I could insert a finger and she shook her head and said yes yes hurry I want your whole hand in my pussy. Hurry hurry I'm cummmmming. I had three fingers clear up in her pussy and she clamped down on my hand like a vice and came. After the first wave of her orgasm she grabbed my hand and started shoving it further into her pussy. I leaned forward to accommodate her and shoved my whole hand inside her wet throbbing pussy. She moaned stroke my g-spot stroke it stroke it. I turned my hand over and stroked it with all four fingers and she again went wild moaning OMG OMG and came for the third time. I could hardly contain the pressure in my hard on as I felt her cum and heard her moans. She laid her head back and closed her eyes and gasped for air. I slowly stopped stroking her clit and started to remove my hand; she reached down and held it in her pussy. I thought it would be uncomfortable and hurt because my hand is rather big but she began to hump it and started stroking her clit again and came again. After 4 orgasms she looked flushed and exhausted. I just sat and watched her for a long time.

Finally she opened her eyes smiled and said: 'now it's your turn big guy.' I moved back to the chain in front of her so she could easily reach my manhood. She surrounded my dick with her little delicate hand and started stroking and talking dirty to my throbbing dick. Watching her little hand move up and down with expert technique was very erotic and I soon was ready to unload. She could tell and told me she wanted me to cum on her tits. I stood up and stepped close to her and she rubbed the head of my peter on her small tits and a shot wad after wad onto those perky little tits. She then rubbed my cum into her tits and smiled and reached down and kissed the end of my dick. I jumped with joy at the touch and thought of her putting my dick into her mouth, but that did not happen. I sat down on the couch next to her leaned my head back and just took in the scene. It had been one of the best orgasms that I had ever experienced. After a while I asked her if she had had enough and she said that she was thinking of having me put my hand back in her pussy again but thought that that could wait until another time. I sat up and looked at her naked body and said with admiration... you are the best. OMG she said that was better than fucking...



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