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Older Cousin Visits

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My cousin used to visit all the time, and vice versa, and we would hang out together. I really looked up to her. I cherish these memories and they always turn me on.


My cousin Emily was four years older than me. From about the time I was 11 until I was 15, we were like best friends. The age difference didn't really matter and we always had fun together. I looked up to my cousin and she never really let me down in any way.

One time, the Fall when I had just started middle school, she had asked me if I still wore the full-brief panties. My mom and dad weren't going to let me wear anything else at that point so I said, of course I do. She told me to keep them a secret and gave me three of her thongs that I hid deep in my closet. I remember asking her if it was weird that the string went in your butt crack but she said it felt good so I took her word for it. I would wear one of those thongs about once every week or two and just wash them on my own. I wouldn't say that it felt good at first-more like being constantly aware that something is giving you a wedgie-but I definitely felt horny wearing them. They actually fit me really well and now it's hard for me to find any that are that tight and snug.

Not long after that she had come over to spend the night for a weekend and we were camped out in my room. Emily liked it when I would paint her nails and I had just done her toes when my parents told us it was time for bed. She said it was really hot and she didn't want to sleep with her pyjama pants on (just her panties and t-shirt), and would I mind helping her get the pants off over her toes while they were still drying.

She rolled her pants down to her ankles and I held the legs open while she slipped her feet out of each one. I immediately noticed her wearing thong panties and asked her how often she wore them. She said she wore them pretty often because she wore tight pants pretty often, so she always wanted to hide her panty line. I had not realized that they served this purpose until this point, but I accepted it all-the-same.

We got into bed and were basically spooning, with her being the big spoon all the time. She asked if I was hot too and suggested that I take off my pyjama bottoms as well. I agreed and took mine off, and she said something like, 'Oh, you're not wearing one of the thongs I gave you?!' I was wearing just regular cotton panties. I told her how much I appreciated her gift and that I wore them only a few times a month. She said they were also for special occasions and that since she was there, she wanted to see how I looked. So I told her not to peek while I agreed to change into my favorite one that she had given me.

The thong was black and white zebra print with black lace trim, and I liked it because the part that went between your cheeks was all lace and it felt really soft. She told me how hot I looked in it and asked if I let boys see that I was wearing a thong. I said no, as I actually tried to hide the fact every time. I was never sure how much trouble I could get into if my parents ever found out so I just always kept it well hidden.

We get back to spooning in our t-shirts and underwear. She convinced me that sleeping in a thong is more comfortable so I was going along with it, still oblivious to what was really going on. We talked for probably another hour before I started to nod off. I woke up and it was still the night and Emily was caressing my belly where she had been holding me. I heard her whisper my name but I pretended to be asleep. The hand that was rubbing my belly slowly, sloooooooooooowly started moving up my body.

I was just trying to breathe normally and feign sleep. It probably took her a few minutes before her hand finally got to where it was going, and she very gently started rubbing my nipple through my t-shirt. I stifled a bit of a gasp and my heart was pounding now, but I just continued to breathe deeply with my eyes closed, not moving. She rubbed it until it got hard and then she played with my nipple and started gently squeezing my breast. I don't think I was very big at that time. They had really only just started to grow and I just had large puffy nipples.

Her other hand was grazing my butt sometime around this point, and it felt like bare ass had goosebumps as her fingertips moved across the cheeks. I could feel myself wetting my thong as I often had before. Emily was pulling on the string or something of the thong, pulling it more up my ass, and it was squishy when it moved across my pussy and ass-hole.

I don't know if she still thought I was asleep at this point. It's not like I tried to stop her. She stopped playing with my nipple and her hand had moved down and touched my pussy on the outside of my panties. My wetness must have been a cue for her because she immediately started rubbing between my lips. At that point I could not hold it in and I gasped and my body kind-of bent double and she withdrew her hand. I just said, 'Don't stop,' and she resumed. Almost immediately she had her hand inside my panties and was rubbing my clit. Her other arm slid underneath me and she played with my nipple under my shirt while stroking my clit. I probably lasted two minutes before I came and she held a pillow over my face to keep the noise down.

Emily didn't ask me to finger her that night. She got on top of me, pushed my shirt up, and humped my leg, occasionally leaning over to kiss my neck or suck on one of my nipples. She ground her pussy into my leg and came really fast and we both fell asleep.

Since that night, we got together almost every time she came to visit until she went off to college. When she came back her first year, I was in high school and she had said it wouldn't be right to continue, but that only lasted for about a month before I was burying my fingers between her legs again.

If you want me to share more of our stuff, I will give the highlights.



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