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Older Cousin Sleeps Over

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This is true and to the best I can remember


My family lived in a suburb of a big city in a pretty nice neighborhood. Most of my extended family from my Dad's side are from a rural area. To say the least my cousins and their parents were country bumpkins. My cousins would come to stay with us for a week or so to get a taste for the big city life during the summer when school was out.

One summer when I was younger my female cousin Tiffany came to stay with us. Everyone in the family knew she was the wild one. Of course she was good looking. Long brown hair and tanned skin. She had a nice athletic figure. I was infatuated with her but not necessarily in a sexual way as I was five years younger than her.

One night I asked my parents if I could sleep in the basement with Tiffany. They didn't think anything of it and agreed of course. We got out some big sleeping bags that my family had and laid the out in front of the TV in the family room of the basement. We watched movies and ate popcorn. I can't remember what brought it up but Tiffany started asking me questions about my experience with girls

'Have you kissed any girls yet?' she asked

'You mean on the lips? uh no not really.' I stammered a reply

'I can show you how.' Tiffany said

'Ok I guess' I said.

My heart was pounding out of my chest. She had me sit crossed legged in front of her and she slowly came in gave me a slow kiss on the lips. My dick was instantly hard.

'See that wasn't so bad was it' she told me more than asking a question.

I wanted to do it again but the conversation drifted away like it never happened.

It got later and we turned out the lights to go to sleep. We crawled into the sleeping bags side by side. Neither one of us zipped them up. I told her I was cold so she had me get into her sleeping bag with her. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. I realized she had taken off her shorts and was in just a t-shirt and her red silky panties now. I got diamond cutting erection. It was definitely poking her in the hip.

She giggled and told me that she was going to do something and I couldn't tell a soul about it. I agreed more scared than anything else. She reached down my sweat pants and slowly started jerking my hard on. I didn't know what to think but I knew it felt good.

She kept slowly jerking me for probably five minutes then told me that we had better go to sleep. She turned away from me and my dick was now pressed up against her ass. I pretended to fall asleep but kept gently rubbing my hard on against her ass the entire night. There was no way she could have not noticed but she never stopped me.

We never said a word about that night ever.



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